Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Our Women

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Following on from my post yesterday, you all now know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was a small part of this video below and hopefully of other of their events coming up also.  This video is amazing and I still tear up every time I watch it!   See the official website and share the video on yourselves!!

(Can you spot me at 4m 05?)

Our Women is a breast cancer awareness project. A love song by New Zealand artists for all kiwi women to hear. Reminding our women that they are precious and irreplaceable, and making sure each one has the information needed to stay healthy.

Seven kiwi women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. These are our mothers, aunties, daughters, wives and friends. These are our women.

In 2008, Helena McAlpine was one of them. To ensure that other kiwi women didn’t suffer the same fate, Helena partnered with the NZBCF to create a special message. Now we need your help. Go to to pass on Helena’s message and the music video to the women in your life. 

Taking part could save the life of someone you love.

Getting all done up and shooting for the video then rushing to the first Day of Fashion Week!  

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Coco Rocha the Irish Dancing Model

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Some of you might know that many years ago I used to do Irish Dancing. When I say “do”  I mean absolutely obsessive about it. Living, breathing, eating and sleeping it.  Passion quite simply put.

However I didn’t realise that Coco Rocha who also recently featured on America’s Next Top Model was scouted at an Irish Dancing competition when she was much younger!  She became well known as the Irish Dancing model.

Model Coco Rocha talks about her early life as Irish Dancer before entering the world of high fashion and her Irish jig down Jean Paul Gaultiers runway in 2007, dubbed by American Vogue “The Coco Moment”.

JIG is the new documentary on the world of Irish dance by Sue Bourne. Released across America June 17th, 2011.

Additional filming, editing and production by James Conran with kind assistance and footage from the office of Jean Paul Gaultier.

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Roller Derby: Auckland vs Christchurch!

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If you haven’t seen or heard about Roller Derby before – you should seriously get on top of that… Its a craze that has been resurrected from the 1930 and 1940’s into a current world wide competitive sport!!  Its athletic, got a seriously thick rule book and is one of the few Women only sports.  (Boys are welcome to referee however!)

If you don’t know how it works there are plenty of YouTube videos out there explaining it and no doubt there’s a local league in your area with ladies all around would love the opportunity to explain it all to you!!

I played under the alias “Phloss-a-Raptor for almost three years in Auckland which now has two Roller Derby leagues; The Pirate City Rollers and Auckland Roller Derby League.  Its a big time commitment, big lot of fitness and a great way to gain self confidence while surrounding yourself with strong self assured women!  
It’s North vs South next month as Auckland Roller Derby takes on Christchurch’s Dead End Derby in Auckland Central’s first big roller derby event of the year at Pitt Street YMCA on April 14.
True blue Auckland Roller Derby joins the likes of the Auckland Aces, the Northern Mystics and the iconic Auckland Blues by donning the city’s favourite colour, and like the top teams, will be looking for your support when it takes on the might of the South Island’s biggest and strongest city.
Auckland Roller Derby features some of New Zealand’s top roller derby talent. With skaters who have competed regionally, nationally and internationally, Auckland Roller Derby will be the team to watch out for in 2012.
Christchurch’s Dead End Derby has come out fighting. Not to be fazed by catastrophic events over the last year, the green and black skaters of Dead End Derby are tougher, stronger and more determined than ever. The Christchurch side also features top level skaters who have competed on the world stage, so make sure you secure your tickets now to this event.
April 14 is your only chance to see Auckland vs Christchurch in the City of Sails this year, so don’t miss out. Tickets are just $15 for adults (or free for under 6s). Grab one now, at Under the Radar.
For more information, check out or visit
Phloss-a-Raptor says DO IT!
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NZ Fashion Festival Opening Party!

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Attending a Fashion event is completely and utterly different from attending an event such as the NZ Music Awards.  They are two different kettle of fish!  I’ve attended a NZMA’s serveral times before and made a wee fashion statement each time..    I may have worn this one year!  
Bjork Swan dress?

 I’m finding Fashion events can be just as fun.. however I sure was nervous before attending the NZ Fashion Festival Opening party… I’m sure when Fashion Week rolls around I’ll be more more confident…

I submitted a video for Jenene Crossan (Freer) workshop on Monday –5 Simple Steps to become a Magazine Editor…  Answering the question – How has Blogging effected your life and a top tip!  I’ve been Blogging since pre 2007 (MySpace – heh) so its been part of my life for a while now, and I still love it!

“Oh to be a magazine editor! Working in magazines has always been considered one of the most glamourous and coveted jobs for women.”   (Just saying – Isn’t this a little gender stereotype?) also posted this.

I recorded this about 15 times before I was happy with it.. and even then I still think I sound a little squeaky!
I snapped few phone photos while we were there – and some others have popped up – thanks SnapStar!

VIVA lounge – I’ll have these couches if you don’t want them!
With @dru4u, @rationaldresser and @dani_just_is
With The Girls of Fresh PR
With Hannah of 
#NZFF Sponsored by Mainland Cheese?!

With @countesscupcake!
The cocktail of the Evening….!!
Hannah and I again!
My shoes! Captured by the Four Eyes Boys – Thank you!
A great night!! I’m off to see Collections #2 tonight, so I’ll have a new round of updates and photos tomorrow no doubt!
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Shit Bloggers Say

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Myself and Hannah of have been running a wee project on Ponsonby Radio called the Blogger Babes, where we bring our Blog topics to the radio-waves..

It all started off with one of those #Shit___Say so we though why not come up with a whole lot of things that Bloggers say.  Lets face it we are a little tech savvy and talk about a whole lot of social media stuff which not ever Joe Blogs uses or knows about.

Surely not.. ? LOL

Before we get ours out, here is a Burlesque version of the same which made me giggle… Yes some Dancers are a little Diva!

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OMG Major update – Pictures

You Tube

The last couple of weeks / weekends have been crazy.

So last weekend I tried to fit TOO many things into my night – and I missed out on 2 events I’d been dying to go to. Seriously I have a problem with OVER commitment (as well as just committment in general but that’s another story) I say YES to too many things cos I genuinely want to be everywhere at once!
I missed out on the Lesbian Ball, which I was worried about attending by myself and an event after the Erotica expo called ‘Kitty Club’… There will be more, I have to remember that. HOWEVER – I did get to a few places.

The First Roller Derby of the Season! Wow it was awesome.. I’ve a video to upload when I finally get a spare hour to edit and upload.

Then an awkward 30th – ever attended a party of the EX of someone you’ve got an interest in. Seriously! Its like trying to get on with someone elses used underwear. Like sloppy seconds with that used stench hanging around… Yea awkward.

Then after that I had to go perform at Salvation’s 5th birthday party. It was fun, but I was still feeling slightly sick and drained so it was hard to have the energy levels to interact with a whole lot of people I didn’t know.
From there I REALLY wanted to go to Kitty Club, but by this time it was 2AM and I popped a friend a txt and he’d already left – from a guy that like looking at hot dressed up women it was a bad sign, so I didn’t bother… Maybe I should have.

From THERE I went to Techy as Seba, and found a very nice barstool -set in front where I could see everything that was going on, and got the fuck off my sore feel Oooowwwwweeeee Poor old me! Gosh I was worn out.
That same weekend was the Erotica show – I decided to spend up large…

I see fun times ahead!
Ooooohhh YEA… Took me AGES to find something that wasn’t HORRIBLE and black tho. ugh.
I can’t go anywhere with out getting snapped!
So that was LAST weekend… This week was a little less crazy!
Tues day was M.A.C. Industry only Spring makeup line lunch party at their chancery store… It was great – I got to meet a HEAP of new faces and ended up getting solidly DRUNK – bubbles on tap (figuratively) not so good! 
I should have had more of those salmon things! But I had a really good catch up with an old friend Helena McAlpine who is now working on MTV / C4 and she gave me some really good advice and tips, so that was great… I love her to bits! Its great to have someone to look up to, who’s ahead of you in the race to inspire you…
During the week I entered a ‘Top Friend’ social networking competition… I did a video and it was great – and I think I have currently more friends that most of the tweens that also entered. Oh except a guy who works at a video store and has 4,000 subscribers on youtube…. NZ Chris Crocker anyone?!!!
This Friday was VERY chilled… watched ROVE on tv… then went to a Go-Go competition to Talent Scout.. the finals are this weekend. home early! Nice..
Saturday was wet but fun…. First it was the Nocturne Magazine’s SECOND issue release party – I’ve read the magazine and its fantastic.. – GO BUY IT!
Then I tried to head up to Flirt Girls Club Night- but obviously both the bar and I had the date wrong. Sign was up and no one was there… well some girls had turned up as well but were in the Family & Naval downstairs watching drag shows. Ugh – too much boy there for me.. So me and Lou left and headed fruther up the ‘K’…
I tried desperately to make it to the Midnight Rock n Roll circus at 12- Cicumstances – annoying people – and yea fuck fuck fuck I’m sorry girls I REALLY tried… I’ll do my best to be there this week!
Sunday we were SUPPOSED to go to the ‘Skin and Steel’ piercing and tattoo convention ( I want more Ink!!) but we vetoed it for staying at home, enjoying the sunshine and doing some spring cleaning!! I bought some pink and green plastic stackable drawers so now everything sorted neatly.
Oh and My SHOE SHOP is all set up – Once I’ve paid off what I owe to my wedsite developer I’ll ask him to make me a more user friendly shop to work with – but we’re getting there…. Take a look – link here! Miss All the pix are in a SHOP photo album on my profile too! I Shoes!!!!!
hair – dread falls – electronics – makeup – products – stockings – tops -bottoms etc! Oh and Pink Playboy Duvet covers and satin sheets…. Sooooooo nice!
This Friday is THE FITNESS LIFE AWARDS – Wooot! and the Finals of the Go-go Competition! It’s gonna be FUN
I’m getting this dress made!

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My first Tattoo- Video!

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Current mood: accomplished

Video of my New TATTOO

On tuesday this week I got my first Tattoo – French Stocking Seams with bows at the top

This is part one, I go back next Tuesday to have the bows shaded in and the line extended down to the bottom of my heels.

Gosh its itch today! Arrrgggh but its healing nicly!

Big thanks to Stephan from 2Hands Tattoo



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