Rowena Parade cafe milkbar


I think you are SPECtacular. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective. Don’t call the world dirty just because you forgot to clean your glasses.  Other than an opportunity to show off my new glasses! I think I’ve found my true love…
I mean amazing milkshakes and free Internet to supplement my work /life balance. I’ve been working heaps lately and sometimes it’s really super nice to be around others while working. thanks Rowena Parade cafe milk bar I think you’ll be my business home away from home “out of the office” office. 

I like that glasses suggest intelligence rather than broken eyes.

Start-up Business: “GET A LAWYER”

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Right okay.  Great advice thank you.  But where does one start?  Google?  Bank advice website? The government’s website?

Okay so I looked at the last two and got some great advice but no real connections or pointers of where to go.  So I’m trying google.  YAY google… I’ll keep a broad perspective and also you, know a running update of how it all goes!

Lawyers:  not a good topic to google, firstly I have only half an idea of what I need one for.
A) what kind of business am I setting up and how will that effect tax and hopefully one day in the faaaar distant future, paying myself…
B) Contracts, e-commerce T’s and C’s and all those other agreements that one must have when business involves not just working with ones’ self only!  People!  Community!!

Lawyers scare me.  Last time I had to use one it was a super SUPER messy tenants vs tenants vs landlords three way load of bullshit.  I was left paying for it for ages afterwards even tho it was all in the end a giant waste of time.   I’m determined that this time they’re gonna work for me, not just help protect me.  I feel that the concept is different, even if it is only in my head.

I’ve found five or so different Lawyers that according to google and their amazing SEO says they “specialise” in small business set  up.  This looks promising, most of them have payment plans – Lawyer speak for: “This is still going to be expensive but look we’re helping you”.  

I even read one interesting article about how the lawyer business model of charging by the hour is super out of date.  In my current position I’m inclined to agree.  I know I’ll probably not get this option, but “Paying for Value” just seems like a much more valuable way to go, especially for a small start up business – or “pre-start-up”.
When do I officially become a business?  I already have an ABN of my own… I have a business name now that I really like (BONUS).  Is it when I invest my first $1?  I have no idea!  However to me, technically my time is worth something so in my head I’M IN BUSINESS!  This is exciting.

I’m waiting to see how long after my appointment with the Lawyer how much of my excitement I have left… I’m sure I shouldn’t be cynical about this, there is always a way to make a dream happen, it is just all about figuring out all the how to make it work.    I’m just scared about that bill – I guess this will be my first capital investment.

Further to this. TRUST YOUR SELF – Have courage to take the risks!

As far as all the things one might need to start up a small business. Even I am overwhelmed, I got to this site and was thinking –“I didn’t know I might need even half of these things!”.   I figure, I may do, down the track, currently lets just start with one thing at a time. I had a chat with one of my other good friends who asked me what type of company I was going to set up.  Good question.  A company company, a business.  Incorporated, not for profit, sole trader.. Right okay. I’ll let you know how that appointment goes on this one.

Going into business!

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I’ve always had a dream.  A dream of not working for the man.  Funny – Burning Man, growing up reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Who moved my cheese”..  What would you expect from this colourful adventure seeking part time hippie!?  Yes. SELF employed.
Back in New Zealand I was (kind sometimes still am) part of an amazing blogging community.  These amazing people blogged their hearts out – being two of my favourites.  I kinda did however I was, I’m an ashamedly admitting it – in it for the fun, parties and perks.  One of THOSE bloggers.   I had a full time job and flexible hours when I needed them to run off for a week to Fashion week or other events.  GLAMOUROUS.
Well you’d think so, mainly it’s a huge amount of planning, writing about things you do, and can feel SUPER narcissistic if you really aren’t clear about what or why you’re doing it.  It wasn’t a business for me, so I often felt bad.  Or felt super cheeky when I got stuff I felt like I hadn’t earned.

I work in Education.  Education is such a broad industry let me explain.  There are Uni’s and schools.  There is corporate education – this is where I work.  I’ve been doing internal training, Leadership development, sales coaching and a myriad of other things that relate to corporate skill sets and training.  This is cool, rewarding and interesting, but HOW was I going to go into business.  Blogging and doing this kind of education just didn’t connect without me becoming a contractor and just charging higher rates to still do other people’s work!  UGH  Oh well.  I knew it would come sometime, in the interim I’ve been committed to learning as much as I could so I knew I’d be able to promote myself – What ever I knew I’d end up doing.  Preparation much!?  Funny.

THIS WEEKEND – I was at a Tarot workshop and it was the best!  I’ll have more to say about that soon, I just haven’t gotten my ass around to writing all about it yet.  This new blogging energy has only just kicked in.
Any ways, to the point..  This weekend it finally hit me!  I knew what I wanted to do.  More than that I KNEW I would have all the skills I needed to actually make it happen!  I was driving back in my little Turtle 2.0 car from Daylesford and my mind was literally going on HYPER drive.  I love it when this happens.  So full of ideas that I want to ring everyone and talk at 130048589303 miles per hour.  I’m super excited and have been trying to connect with all the people I know who are also in their own businesses because what better than NOT doing everything alone.  Support, questions, etc, I know I’m going to have them.  Bring it on.

Book Launch: Out of Shape – Debunking myths about Fashion & Fit

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Normally the media events I attend are more Fashion orientated so it was quite a delight to attend the launch of Mel Campbell’s book “Out of Shape” and as a super special treat listen to her read and comment on as she went through a chapter of the book as well.

We all love to listen to people who put into beautifully artistically linguistic words principals we whole heartedly agree with.  Referencing much of pop culture over the years and much extensive historical fashion research Mel has written a ingeniously intriguing book on popular perception of size and the difference between that and what is actually our natural physical shape.  Our bodies are obviously all different but through out time there has always been an esteemed version of perfection or ideal, and clothing really plays a very large part in a person’s desire (or otherwise) to attain it.

“Out of Shape” also bravely deals with masculine and feminine fashion and clothing not limited by the gender of the person wearing that item of clothing.  Pointing out general ideals that each portrays and how the wearer may wittingly or unwittingly receive a reaction based on that presentation of themselves based on the clothing (or undergarments) they might be wearing at the time.

I’m a recently converted fan and since the event have added this to my reading list for those long dreary trips back and forth on the tram/train.  I can’t wait to giggle and smile as Mel’s sense of humour really shows through the well researched chapters as she Debunks those Myths.  If I get a couple of confused sideways looks on public transport for my outbursts, I really don’t care.  It’ll be worth it!

Look.Stop.Shop, @ Curtin House

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The Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

Fashion, New Zealand, photography, Writing

I was at the 2012 Music Awards and had an amazing time!  It was my third music awards and this time I was very lucky to be wearing a fabulous outfit covered in tiny zipper bows from DMONIC INTENT.  Having my amazing g/f with me to take photos on the red carpet I was busy interviewing and documenting crazy comments from the celebrities walking the carpet and what they wore.

It was exhilarating and although my feet weren’t my friends by the end of the night it was another confirmation that media crew do really work hard and things never stop despite the full on play hard work hard ethic.  You just don’t know who is going to be standing next to you! More of our photos from the night can be found here, and I’ll have a blog with quotes and interviews coming very very soon!  Keep your eyes peeled or SUBSCRIBE!!  🙂 xxx

Myself and Evelyn Ebrey

Kimbra and her band
Kimbra looking stunning!
Ruby Frost looking gorgeous!
Tim Phin and Tina Moore from Remix Magasine
The GC’s Tame Noema and Jamie Ridge
The gorgeous Zowie
Gin Wigmore
Gin and her band looking Fantastic
Tamati Coffey and Petra Bagust
Guy Williams hosting on the Music Awards red carpet
Shavaughn Ruakere
Starboy aka Matt Bowden looking great with his crew
Dane Rumble
Keisha Castle-Hughes
The notorious Homebrew Crew
The Sweet Mix Kids Presenting for the Awards
Jon Toogood and Julia Deans
Colin Mathura-Jeffree
Annabel Fay
Hollie Smith
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Too busy being busy?

Inspiration, self-discovery, Writing

After being too busy with real life to have an internet one, combined with a massive dose of writers block I thought this post well overdue.

Often really busy means either high stress, deadlines or bad time management or a combination of all three.  Since most of us don’t have the luxury of a personal assistant or secretary its something we have to manage ourselves.  Anyone who works for themselves, balances personal interests and hobbies with a career or occupation or simply says YES to too many things should have a think about this.

Let me begin with: Note to Self!!

Keeping in contact with the world when you are BUSY:
I’m the first to admit I’m TERRIBLE at replying to text messages.  You know you have an issue when your friends text your partner to find out what your plans are for the evening / weekend and not you.  First step to doing something about it is admitting it, and I’m really trying my best to break this habit! 

Sometimes when you’ve a million things going on in your brain at once, what you want to reply to a certain message flicks through your brain. When you think back to it in five minutes time your brain tricks you into thinking you’ve responded because you did plan what you were going to say in your head but alas it never made it onto that SMS did it?!

Checking email on a smart phone device is also great but that too has it’s busy traps.  Thinking “Oh glad I’ve read such-and-such an email, but I must write a proper response when I’m back on my computer/laptop/tablet… FAIL!  You planned to do it, you thought about what you were going to respond, then it got lost under everything else and suddenly its past midnight and your falling into bed thinking “CRAP – I forgot!”

Voicemail.  Great if you don’t like answering restricted or private numbers, and amazing very easy to turn off!!!

Catching up with friends shouldn’t always have to be planned and booked in, but if you know you’re going to run off your feet for a week or two schedule yourself some down time, a breather, some social relaxation, a friend who can make you laugh, smile and distract you.  If you are working late or travelling away a 15 minute phone call can sometimes do just the same trick.

What happens when your NOT busy?
Who here has ever thought any of the following things?  I know I sure have!

“Why does no one text me??”
“OMG I don’t have any (close/real) friends!!”
“Why does no one want to hang out with me???”

Well you dummy, let me tell you!  That’s because you don’t text them back when they have contacted you about hanging out!  You DO have awesome and amazing friends, just stop being selfish and go do what THEY want to do rather than expecting them to come to you at your beck and call!

If you want to do something “Spontaneous” (because suddenly that meeting, photo shoot or shmancy event you wanted to go to got cancelled) then you are going to have to be a little more convincing than that!  And if everyone strangely enough does have a life and are off doing things be prepared to go out and do something on your own / suck up your pride and post a desperate plea for company on Facebook and Twitter!

What can you do about it?

Are you micro-managing your life?  Does your OCD need a health check, do you need to learn to delegate?
Performers, people working for them selves can have this issue, (unless you were BORN super organised). If you want something done, or to get somewhere it doesn’t happen unless you do it.  No joke, its a lot of work but outside of all the work have a life is pretty nice too.  Ask for help, if you’ve a big project you want to achieve it, it really doesn’t hurt to ask for advice or help.  If you don’t ask you most certainly don’t get!!

Look at the big picture.  Sometimes our brains are simply not achieving anything because there’s too much white noise going on.  Now, don’t get me wrong—Newton was more than the average 17 th-century overachiever. He was a physicist, as well as a  mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, theologian and alchemist. Today, many of us also wear countless hats—Performer, writer, photographer, model, boss’s go-to person, daughter/ son, friend, Blogger—and that’s not counting all the minutiae you don’t get credit for.

We can all pretty much agree that a little time spent away from our smartphones, work email, and Twitter pages sounds enticing. Exhilarating, even.

So if one of the greatest scientists of all time took a few breathers, let’s follow suit. We don’t want to get bopped on the head by our own proverbial apples and be too busy to see them as anything more than an imposition.

And lastly – if you’re going to be M.I.A. for a while coping with all you’ve said YES too (this should be another blog topic) then let people know so they don’t think your being a “too cool for school popular kid” to share the love or keep in touch.

Love you all – I promise! xxx

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Interview for The Big Idea Creative Community!

Interview, Writing
Lately you might have noticed I’ve been mentioning and contributing to an amazing on-line creative community!  Its full of interesting articles, interviews, news and job opportunities!  I recently covered Fashion Week for them also, and as a follow up they asked to Interview me!  

TBI Q&A: Phlossy Roxx

12 September 2012

Following on from her coverage of New Zealand Fashion Week, we thought it was a good idea to introduce one of our latest contributors – blogger and burlesque performer Miss Phlossy Roxx. And what better way than a TBI Q&A!
During what hours of the day do you feel most inspired?
Between 5:30pm and 10:30 pm which is perfect as I get to snuggle up on the couch or in bed and tap-tap-tap away on my laptop to get an article out.
How would a good friend describe your aesthetic or style?
I really didn’t know how to answer this question so I put social media to the test and asked, and this is what the result was: “Pink, Retro chic, Your own, Eccentric and loud, Contemporary neo-burlesque with a dash of glitter, a sprinkling of ‘Bad to the bone’ and a unique demeanour with a delightfully naughty and perverted view of fashion, Super-future 50s rockabilly!, Funky, Eclectic, pink, unique, bold, bigger –brighter- better, edgy princess, A vivid collision of light and darkness, Extravagantly, overwhelmingly WUNDERBAR!!!!!, Pink Pixel-Punk Princess and (my favourite) My Little Pony meets Beetle-juice.”

And it keeps on going

What aspect of your creative practice gives you the biggest thrill?  


Networking, meeting new people and hearing their stories about what they do and why.  It is a huge inspiration to meet people working in creative industries and the conventional or non-conventional ways they got there.  I’m very lucky to be able to constantly surround myself with positive and driven people  – it’s exciting!
How does your environment affect your work?
A lot.  I’m hugely affected by weather and sunshine (or lack of), so winter has been rough maintaining my momentum and not burning out with all the projects I’ve taken on board.  However being aware of this myself has helped me make sure I’m in a space that makes it easy to concentrate or keep up my vitamins and veggie intake. 
Do you like to look at the big picture or focus on the details?
Naturally I’m very kinaesthetic and big picture focused, but writing a blog and promoting small events has really meant that I’ve had to learn or flunk out all of the detailed sides of my projects.  Learning to delegate to people who are experts in a specific area, although hard has really helped things along and I get to work with like-minded interesting people!
What’s your number one business tip for surviving (and thriving) in the creative industries?
Don’t try and do it alone.  Find a mentor or someone you can turn to for advice or inspiration.  Because they are separated from your day to day life they can see big open opportunities that you might not and encourage you to pursue things when you might not be confident initially.  Even if you’re doing something completely unique there’ll be someone who’s been there done that with all the business, technical or support side of things which we might struggle with.
Which of your projects to date has given you the most satisfaction?
Can I name more than one?  My blog is growing and taking me places I didn’t think I’d end up.  I wouldn’t say I’m satisfied with it, as that to me speaks of achieving something and not looking to progress, but I’m definitely very proud of it and excited about where it could end up.

As a producer I never expected to have a successful monthly event running so well in such a short time, in the LGBTI community.  I’ve now got a very strong national brand and huge and diverse following. October 11th is the Queerlesque events’ first birthday bash and we are already planning our event and involvement in Auckland’s upcoming and renewed Pride Festival in February next year.

Who or what has inspired you recently?
TED Talks, which I’ve been listening to a number of online recently, are great.  It’s really made me think, why can’t I share what wee nuggets I’ve learned over the last 10 years be valuable to someone else here too?  “Ideas ARE worth spreading” so why am I not doing it.  Hopefully this inspiration will continue to develop into a bigger project but that’s all I can tell you right now.
Tell us a bit about your background
I never went to a public school.  My parents were very religious and decided to home-school me for the first seven years of my life.  I then went to a tiny private Christian school for a couple of years before going back to home-schooling.  Although that has meant I don’t have any formal qualifications like School C or Bursary, I’ve been determined to not let that stop me achieving anything.  I went straight into the work force at 17 and have worked my way into working full time in writing, developing mixed media and online learning, blogging and producing increasingly larger events.   
Tell us a bit about your career
Having gladly left the world of sales and account management five years ago, I moved into adult education and writing.  I currently write and develop on-line and multimedia learning, soft skill and up skill programs.   I’m really enjoying combining my love of writing with my interest in web, web platforms and social media. With the world of education moving more and more into the remote, mobile and interactive space its exciting using the web for sharing creative content in moving, audio, visual and interactive ways. When I’m not creating learning content, I’m at home sprawled out somewhere blogging.
Tell us a bit about your recent and upcoming projects
I have just recovered (literally) from covering NZ Fashion Week for my own blog and The Big Idea.  From deciding to do it completely green eight months ago to having now done it, I’ve really learned so much.

Upcoming I am focusing on performing as I’m part of NZ’s Tempo Dance Festival show Lily Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret, travelling to Te Awamutu, Wellington and performing locally almost every weekend for the next couple of months!  I’m very excited about Tempo Dance Festival as it’s a high calibre New Zealand event at the new Q Theatre meaning lots of rehearsals and brand new and exciting costumes.

If you could go back and choose a completely different career path to the one you’ve chosen, what would it be?
When I was really little I thought I’d grow up to be a Ballet Dancer! When I was 18 I got offered two jobs at the same time, one was a legal secretary and the other was a telephone relationship manager.  I always think back to making that decision and wonder how different my life would have been had I decided to pursue law not people skills.  Briefly, for a couple of seconds before I shake it off and feel so relieved I didn’t!
What place is always with you, wherever you go?
This was a particularly tough question, but I’ve settled on Burning Man.  I’ve never really thought about a ‘place’ always being with me since I went in 2009.  Burning Man to me is somewhere I can belong and can participate.  It’s a place where I WASN’T the weirdest kid in the classroom.  There was always somebody there who’d thought up something crazy and exciting I’d never even considered let alone thought possible in the middle of a giant desert.
What’s the best way to listen to music, and why?
Loud?  In all seriousness, if I had the time to categorise all my music by mood category it would be amazing, but I don’t.  I have put together a couple of mix-tapes myself on 8tracks, of music I like to listen to when working and there are hundreds of others on the site and app to choose from. I prefer it to Spotify because you can play a variety of music in a session not song by song.
You are given a piece of string, a stick and some fabric. What do you make?
A Flag.  I’ve always wanted to have my own Coat of Arms, and what better place to put them, than on a flag!
What’s the best stress relief advice you’ve ever been given?
Turn off your computer and disconnect from the Internet.
What’s great about today?
Today is one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen Auckland have in a long time.  Clear baby blue sky in pretty light shades of pastel, a fresh crisp breeze and sunshine.   Vitamin D, serotonin and endorphin heaven for me – that and Oh, its Hump day.

What’s your big idea for 2013?

Become multi national!  Why shouldn’t I be able to do what I’m doing anywhere in the world and make it effective, lucrative and fully mobile!

* * * The Big Idea 10th Birthday Questions * * *

What does The Big Idea mean to you?
To me it’s your BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  Something that is big picture, out on a limb, a risk or a stretch, something inspirational you dream big to achieve.  The Big Idea website is those opportunities brought to you and people with that same desire, vision and their own BHAG’s in one creative community.

What changes have you noticed in the past 10 years?

How about changes in the last five years even?!  Learning, development and writing is becoming less paper based, more mobile and interactive.  Classrooms, newspapers and news are so much more instant, accessible and honest.  Companies and brands can’t just run a 6pm news advert for that to be all the awareness of their brand, customers can now share and have an opinion that will get noticed and gain momentum, positive or negative.
What are some of the opportunities and challenges for the next decade?
Keeping up with a generation of youngsters that have grown up on technology and watching how manual labour industries endeavour to keep themselves relevant in a digital age.

There’s always going to be more and more competition in a new industry so ensuring that you stay unique will remain a full time job!

Opportunities: online, blogging and social media will have more and more integration and recognition from mainstream media.  Shifting attitudes will take the negative emphasis away from blogging and make it a positive and more streamlined machine, leaving less and less room for average and poor quality content.
Also, with the digital sphere shifting and big advancements coming with new technologies that we might not even have thought of coming out, things will change.  Apparently augmented reality is about to blow our minds!

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The Big Idea at #NZFW

Fashion, Writing

Shmoozing withe the models before Trelise Cooper
KAGI NZ Fashion Week 2012
Infamous Boar Head and Annah Stretton
Trelise Cooper CatWalk stage
Cindy of Samoa in Annah Stretton show
Phlossy Roxx at Charlie Brown Aus
The Big Idea, an amazing online creative community has supported me in getting to New Zealand Fashion Week this year and covering all the shows.  It has truely been one of the most incredible, full on weeks of my life.  Here is the post I wrote for them.
It’s a glamorous job, and we found the perfect person to do it! Miss Phlossy Roxx, a vibrant blogger fresh to NZ Fashion Week this year, has been tweeting from the #NZFW catwalk front row.
Read her highlights, and watch a behind-the-scenes video with Dmonic Intent, below. Also check out her daily blogs from the week.
* * *
Fashion Week in New Zealand was founded in 2001 by Dame Pieter Stewart and has continued annually for the twelve years since.  Through boom and recession it has evolved with the times, this year it faced a clash with New York fashion week, meaning designers such as Karen Walker opted to show internationally rather than locally.  With the change in audience bloggers have been much more of a feature and many designers have shown their 12/13 Spring/Summer ranges, rather than all showing their Autumn/Winter 2013 ranges, to be more current with what the public will see in store sooner rather than later.

In the front row of NZ Fashion Week is the whose who of celebrities, TV stars, fashion publication editors, journalists and popular bloggers.  The entire audience dresses to impress, either wearing a piece of their favorite designer showing that day or something to make a visual statement.  Bigger names often get dressed by a brand wanting to have their product photographed in media.

Fashion shows are often hugely theatrical events full of things to look at, and the ones this year that have been the most memorable have been highly dramatic and full on performances.  From the catwalk, backdrop staging, lighting, to some shows even having dancers perform.

Trelise Cooper stole the show with light up invitations, goody bags, and multiple “stage sets”.  The Weddings show created a romantic mood with flowers everywhere, love songs playing throughout and warm soft lighting.

The Kagi jewellery show was a cabaret performance art/fashion all in one go. Collaborating with Morag Brownlie’s Birds of Paradise ‘cabaret burlesque comedy’ show was an amazing showcase for a spectacular collection of jewellery.

Charlie Brown was the drama from across the ditch.  With a “Naught & Nice” theme and a giant mouth at the entrance to the catwalk the show was full of rich prints and textures; (cheetah included) feathers, parasols and oriental inspired accessories.  Annah Stretton’s part two of her show, 20 years retrospectively, started off with her iconic Boar head and followed up with several dancers and models twirling and prancing all down the catwalk, even featuring famous NZ drag artist, Cindy of Samoa, winner of TV’s Stars in their Eyes.

Friday is day four and the final day of media and industry shows with the public NZ Fashion Weekend kicking off first thing on Saturday with the Designer Garage Sale.  Behind the scenes bloggers, TV crew, photographers, celebrity minders and many, many more work around the clock creating, organizing, documenting and publishing NZ Fashion Week. 

There is not as much debate this year as there was last year, on whether this event will continue to happen in New Zealand and the economic effect it has as a large scale event in Auckland. I look forward to watching how it evolves to stay current in an increasingly online and digital world.

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The Big Idea, Miss Phloss & NZ Fashion Week 2012

events, Fashion, Writing

I’m very pleased to Announce my partnership with the on-line Creative Community – The Big Idea!!  I will have my very own Blog Column on The Big Idea and be writing regularly.   The first big event in my partnership with this amazing creative community site is… you might have guessed already…..  wait for it…!!!


Big Idea | Te Aria Nui is where people find the tools, networks, opportunities and inspiration to grow their “big ideas” into viable careers, projects and businesses in the creative sector. And if you want to see how we celebrate, profile and tell the world about their successes, then look no further.
Visitors to The Big Idea website experience a comprehensive understanding of the sector than ever before. This is achieved through features that include employment opportunity listings, up-to-date industry news and showcasing of members’ profiles.
Centred around delivering a constant source of vital, current information, The Big Idea signals changing trends and shifts across all segments of New Zealand’s creative community.
What is  Hyperactive, pink, social butterfly, Miss Phloss has been Blogging, dressing up and making an impression since 2007 with no sign of getting boring any time soon.  Exploring and participating NZ cultural events, with a fabulously quirky take on everyday life.   A social media addict, Phlossy is constantly capturing the bright, creative, sexy and scandalous to share on various platforms – from Twitter to the next new buzz-worthy on-line application.   

Former host on Alt TV’s Midnight Rock n Roll Circus, featured blogger on NetGuide Mag, Concrete PlayGround Blogger Competition 2011 Finalist. A corporate Learning and Development specialist, Ceroc dance teacher, Burlesque performer and promoter; writing reviews, interviews and advice, her inspiration, motivation, sequins, rock n roll, and roller-skates is all in a day’s work.
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