Melbourne Victoria – a bit of beautiful landscape photography to indulge on – Wish you were here?

Autumn Tree Colours in the Dandenong Mountains

I’ve tried to fit as much travel and camping in to the last six months as my lack of preparation and desire to not travel more than two hours to get somewhere allows.  Here are some GORGEOUS PHOTOS I’ve taken on my last few trips around the place.   I love landscape photography. It’s a reminder to me of the moment that I got lost in, the adventure that was!  And they make great backgrounds for my online course and animations, & my motivational images and pictures on Pinterest or Instagram! 😀

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Photoshoot in Fitzroy Gardens with the kids


Taking photos of kids is not something I thought I would do – but it happened.  My dance teacher has two daughters and was bemoaning their lengthy “Dear Santa” lists.  One item that surprised me was “A photoshoot” – prompted I suppose by watching “Next top Model” on tv.  I jumped at the opportunity to not only practice my photography but also do out-door portraits.  Up-till now really preferring landscapes – they don’t have skin tones…!

Travel Blog: Philippines

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Wow its almost the end of three weeks and its been mental.  Bush, beach, boutiques, boots, bling, booze, and hardly any vegetables would be the most exciting words from the trip so far!

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I may have really over done it on shoes, but on average with each pair costing less than $50 NZD each I can see myself regularly returning to the Philippines to refresh my shoe wardrobe! (Shoe-drobe?! – Do these exist, if so I need one!)  Brands co-exist almost seamlessly with fakes, imitations  knock-offs, and end of line or faulty stock.  Hemez, Luis Vittun, Coochi, to name a few, the difference between home and here being that these local really know the difference as I really takes an experienced eye to tell. The other difference is the price, a knock off goes for 1/10 of the price of the real thing.  If you are in favour of supporting industry,  it makes justifying the expense a hard decision.

I think I’ll buy one of these first, sans the baby however, Yes??

The country is absolutely gorgeous! Sunsets, trees, misty mountains, sugar cane fields and rice paddys! I think here a picture says more than a thousand words. See for yourself and if you have the opportunity to visit – DO!  Get out of the city as well and visit some of the surrounding cities, towns and beaches!

Enjoy… I can’t wait to get home to my friends, my family!

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The Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

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I was at the 2012 Music Awards and had an amazing time!  It was my third music awards and this time I was very lucky to be wearing a fabulous outfit covered in tiny zipper bows from DMONIC INTENT.  Having my amazing g/f with me to take photos on the red carpet I was busy interviewing and documenting crazy comments from the celebrities walking the carpet and what they wore.

It was exhilarating and although my feet weren’t my friends by the end of the night it was another confirmation that media crew do really work hard and things never stop despite the full on play hard work hard ethic.  You just don’t know who is going to be standing next to you! More of our photos from the night can be found here, and I’ll have a blog with quotes and interviews coming very very soon!  Keep your eyes peeled or SUBSCRIBE!!  🙂 xxx

Myself and Evelyn Ebrey

Kimbra and her band
Kimbra looking stunning!
Ruby Frost looking gorgeous!
Tim Phin and Tina Moore from Remix Magasine
The GC’s Tame Noema and Jamie Ridge
The gorgeous Zowie
Gin Wigmore
Gin and her band looking Fantastic
Tamati Coffey and Petra Bagust
Guy Williams hosting on the Music Awards red carpet
Shavaughn Ruakere
Starboy aka Matt Bowden looking great with his crew
Dane Rumble
Keisha Castle-Hughes
The notorious Homebrew Crew
The Sweet Mix Kids Presenting for the Awards
Jon Toogood and Julia Deans
Colin Mathura-Jeffree
Annabel Fay
Hollie Smith
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Wellington, jet-setting, and photo-shoots

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Working from home, its the advantages of mobile offices.  Blogging, or my bread and butter writing work, I can do it anywhere.  This weekend, I’ve escaped the concrete jungle of Auckland and come down to Wellington for a change of scenery.  Staying in a CBD penthouse with sea views, and having the weather magically transformed to paradise, snuggling down into a cushy bean bag outside one the balcony.  BLISS!

Next week is going to be cray-cray, so it’s nice to be relaxing out of town and home, where I can’t be disturbed and can catch up with creative and inspiring friends.  Having friends who are doing what you are aspiring to do and being successful is like going to the motivation and inspiration bank and withdrawing a huge sum and frivolously spending it on feeling good and spoiling my self!! Result:  Happy, relaxed and motivated.

Before jetting off to Wellington I caught up with MAD Designs fresh back in the country from the WORLD Body Art Awards!  (I’ll be interviewing them soon, so keep an eye out!)  And we did this pretty pink corset shoot with lots of bling and sparkles.  I don’t think they’d ever painted so much pink, but I have that effect on people…  
Once in Wellington I caught up with Sharyn who has taken some pretty rad photos of me!  Here is one of my top favourites from our session in her studio on yesterday!  Pink is definitely my brand colour, and although pink is not for everyone, it is a colour with energy vibrancy and quite the attitude. (Or why I prefer magenta to baby pink!) 
Who says the top of a car-parking building just off Karangahape Road, can’t be sexy either??  With Burlesque feather fans, this is by Miss T Pin-Ups.
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