I don’t often hyperventilate over buying things but this is an exception!  These have been out of stock for AGES… and having seen amazing pink godesses’s like Gala Darling and Audrey Kitching wear these, I fell in love! 

I collect everything that is PINK so these just make my heart melt…  If you don’t believe me, take a look here… I post pictures and photos regularly to my Tumblr account:

Any way I have quite a shoe fetish… I own LOTS and lots and lots of shoes, which makes moving house with them all a right mission!!  (boots aren’t small or light) Among my collection I have Demonias (several), Pleaser platforms and heels, Iron Fist heels Louis Vuitton (replicas of course) and Jeffery Campbell platforms  – the most eclectic and exotic you can imagine without Lady Gaga’s budget!

I had to have these!  Senso Wilma, hailing from bedrock Australia… ( local right?)  in Pink Cheetah!


These beauties are now mine!

Edit: here is the link to purchase – SoleStruck

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SuckerPunch Polyvore!!

DIY, Fashion

I’ve been looking around for some inspiration for my next Costume design project.  Something to rock my sox of making then to wear and frollic around in like a crazy adrenaline junkie that I am, not caring what the rest of the world thinks of me… Here’s my polyvore..

AND I think I’ve found it.  –  SUCKERPUNCH!!

What can beat hot girls in little outfits Kicking ASS??   So I’ve started shopping around to create this partiular outfit.   I have most of the other accesories for this outfit and I jumped on TradeMe and picked up the base bit of the outfit.  #WINNING!!

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Retail therapy! $$

Fashion, Life
I’m a big fan of buying things that look super expensive but aren’t!
Couture, fashion, or just day to day work clothes.. if I can get it for under $50 per item I actually get minor heart palpations from the excitement!

Today I’m feeling human again after recovering from a short stint in hospital.. the sun is out, and the coffee I had at morning tea time is sill buzzing through my system gloriously.
I’m a summer baby – vitamin D and warmth make my ‘happy-register’ all full up again…
Today is just one of those days. I’m gonna be super productive but hyperactive as hell!

I popped up to my favorite store at lunch time today cos I had to get out of the office and a breath of fresh air…  less than $20 later I come out with a gorgeous pink organza satin dress.. or high waist-ed skirt (ooh versatility) and a satin clutch.. both in my signature shade of magenta pink.

Clutches, especially the giant over-sized type seem to ‘on-trend’ right now so incidentally I’ve succumbed to the fashion rat-race…

Am I complaining…?

Not really!

Take a look for yourselves…!

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Who’s the fox?

So after no sleep and directly after arriving back in Auckland from a performance filled adventure in Wellington I’m off to a photo shoot with David Broome. He’s a great photographer and pretty sweet on tricky lighting setups.
So feeling giggly and full of sleep deprived humour I proceeded to pose in gorgeous 1920’s themed clothes.. (read unflattering awful) but with a couple of antique furs and lovely makeup by Maz of Jaded Sphinx and Leonard an amazing stylist I was feeling alto better!
The photos are GORGEOUS…! I really can’t wait to see them.  Shooting with three other models was also a change! Its not often I get to do group shots so I was excited by the challenge! More fabulocity for the portfolio!

P.s.  Yes this is real fur but its old, even well older than me.  Holding it did slightly creep me out.   My views are that if its Antique, as old as the hills and the such like, its not doing the world any detriment by being worn – in this case for a period photo shoot….
I am however against the killing animals today and wearing their fur…. exceptions maybe the opossum which is a pest and endangering other natural New Zealand native animals etc.

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Off to a high tea party – Polyvore

Cute and simple… Polyvore for a lady who won’t be seen in drab colours!
This candy stripe dress is adorable so I had to build an outfit around it.
Shoes – Demonia
Black heart hand bag – Vivinne Westwood
Makeup – Revlon
Jewelery – Tarina Tarantio
Dress – Top shop
Facinator – Unknown.. but oh so cute! (‘m gonna have a go at making one myself!
Mug – unknow in UK
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Rock n Roll Polyvore!!

DIY, Fashion

So I always see these outfit / suggestion pictures… I’d love to know the proper name for them tho!  (Edit: “Polyvore”  I found it!!!)  Often they’ll have a complete out fit and then a few accessories or things that match or you might have along with you.  Then underneath where to get / buy everything.

Here is what I have done… This is what I am going to attempt to create… the details of some of the items varies a little but with a little DIY and modification WHY NOT!!  🙂  Then I can re take a picture of each item and repost the image (or easier, wear it all and pose!!) 

What would Miss Phloss wear? 🙂

So I’m not going to include where to get everything cos I didn’t record it initially but next time I do I will definitely –  I’ll be good just in case I want to order one of the items myself!  (which I probably will!)

So here you have – Leather skirt with satin ruffle, long top with chain shoulders (in this outfit worn tucked in) a leather and chain belt, real rock n roll handbag, and a few rings and a bracelet for each arm.  A leopard print bow and shoes top it off completely!!   

Maybe animal print isn’t everyones’ best friend, but I love it.. I’m wearing a v similar outfit today.  Leopard print shoes, and a black dress blouse made by Annah Stretton with a burnt copper and gold ruffle down the front and on the sleeve.  I looked everywhere for a picture on line and had no luck. 
My skirt today is satin with a small ruffle around the bottom.  I’m planning on getting my sewing machine out tonight and making the skirt fit me properly.

I love the skirt in my image above so I’m off to a second hand store after work today to try find a leather skirt myself and then the fabric shop after work!  (if its open later on a Monday) I’ve got new threads and pins… my overlocker works and my lovely mum helped me thread it up – its not so easy with out a manual!!!

So yes… long day at work then HOPEFULLY a fun night tonight of Craft sewing DIY on some awesome on trend fashion with out paying an absolute arm and a leg!


P.s.  polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore!!

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