Fashion Week 2013: International Media


Fashion Week is an experience like no other.  For me its a pleasant escape from reality and a “What the doctor ordered” distraction.  If you haven’t met me or guessed already by reading my blog that I take great joy in dressing up, looking “fancy” or all dolled up.  Why?
I don’t really know, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with how I feel in those clothes!

Do clothes make a difference to my self confidence?  Well for me and many other girrls boys, ladies, gents it really really does, we are only human, right?  Its so exciting to be here in NZ, in Auckland again this year for this event and feeling chuffed about rolling with being an “International Blogger”.   It’s the small things that count.

So for me its a week celebration of looking and feeling like a million dollars, and maybe the paparazzi at the Fashion Week opening party tonight down at the Viaduct Events Centre.  I’m the first to admit I’m a special creature but I like to celebrate my uniqueness in both myself and others.  My aim is this week to bring you the highlights of all of the Fashion Week from my unique and quirky sense of style and  humour.

Fashion Week Claw Club


Online, tv and video  coverage for all of Fashion Week can be found on New Zealands’ TV3 website and more on Fashion font row with Kate Roger.  I’ll have my coverage and professional photography from each event and my snippets as it happens on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Nick von K – Midnight Carnival

burlesque, Fashion
As the former co-host of The Midnight Rock n Roll Circus (on the late great Alt TV) with my amazing New Zealand based contributor to this blog Dolly DeStory, I was excited to send her along to cover “Midnight Carnival” – the newest collection from the decadently Gothic Nick Von K!  I knew she’d love it!  With my other amazing friends, pictured above, I couldn’t help be just a little jealous that I was there too.
Have you ever dreamed of a monkey riding on a wolf’s head? Or an alley cat with an eye-patch? Or the eternal battle between the Swan Queen and the Dragon Queen? 

Rendered in gorgeous silver and semi-precious stones, Nick Von K’s Midnight Carnival is a banquet of craftsmanship and imagination.

In a fitting dramatic style, New Zealand burlesque icons Leda Petit and Miss Anthropy fleshed out the Swan Queen and Dragon Queen at Wednesday’s launch event on Cross St – complete with elaborately sculpted headdresses to match.  Made by Andrea Howes!
Perhaps it was the heady mix of 450mL Grolsch bottles and delicious glasses of Giesen Wines, but between the flicker of candles illuminating the new range and the ethereal Queens, the Midnight Carnival was as vivid as the best of dreams.
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Remix Mid Winter Party!

events, Fashion

Currently I am sitting in cold chilly Melbourne excited about being back in New Zealand very soon for NZ Fashion Week (keep an eye out I have give-aways!!)  but while I’m in Australia I have eyes everywhere!!  The lovely George (other wise known as Dolly DeStory!) attended this event for me and had a blast!  Thanks Remix!

The party season is closer than you think, so savvy old Remix got in early with the Remix Mid-Winter Party at Shed 10, Auckland.

You may remember Shed 10 as a big, old, dusty (and completely magical) empty tin shed sitting on Auckland’s waterfront. Major renovations have transformed it into one of the most exciting new venues in Auckland! 

A big, glass doored foyer leads you up wooden steps to the huge open space under the roof, which is left bare with visible beams. Reclaimed wood flooring stops the renovations from looking too “new” (if somewhat difficult to naviage in platforms after a few wines!).

There are few things as warming as an open bar, featuring a myriad of Red Bull and 42 Below Vodka concoctions. 

In keeping with the wintery theme, a huge block of ice studded with Telecom prizes was in the middle of the space, surrounded by warm red lights and screens showing the Remix twitter feed. Apparently tweeting with the hashtag #makethenight sped up the melting of the ice, and the prizes freed from inside were given to lucky tweeters. Almost made me wish I had a Twitter account!

Fashion Week is barelling down on us quicker than you would believe (look out for coverage, Miss Phlossy is coming home!) and these sorts of events act like practice runs for the fashionable. Geometric prints, cutouts, fluro colours (generally a highlight but sometimes the whole garment) and the now ubiquitous platform shoes (including the guys – Creepers are still here!) give a taste of what’s to come.

A video and pix from the night are available on the Remix website:

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Introducing: Bebaroque!

Fashion, Tattoo

The most amazing legwear ever!  Obviously I love all things that sparkle so to see these stunningly designed tattoo designs and appilque shapes on glorious legwear is the best.  I recently started following them on Instagram – do it!  You’ll love the images they put up!

Aren’t they the most divine thing ever.  Even though I have a substantial amount of tattoo’s myself to get the equivalent in ink would be permanent, expensive and time consuming.  These are the perfect, interchangeable and glamorous solution!

They’ve been extensively featured in VOGUE magazines around the world and won a Scottish Fashion Award in 2011.  Babaroque started in July 2007 by Mhairi McNicol and Chloe Patience. Both designers completed their BA(hons) in Textiles at the Glasgow School of Art in 2005 and then went off separately to gain Master degrees in Textiles and Fashion.

I’ve some winging their way down under to me – so keep an eye out for photos and more posts about them!


Phlossy Roxx

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Is Ke$ha growing up?


From rock chick to glam rock.  Ka$ha is looking allot more put together these days.  She’s either gotten a stylist or grown into a more mature look.   I love the wild girl look she began with as I suppose I see a little of myself in her style evolution.   Lets all try and be ladies shall we???

Somehow I think you can dress up a wild child but you can never tame a dragon.  Lets keep our pixie dust at hand just incase!  What do you think?


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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Fashion, Melbourne
It seems to be my day for Fashion Weeks! I just send off my International Media registration for New Zealand Fashion Week, and I can’t wait to be back there again to experience it all again in September. Now its coming time for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Just the word “Spring” gets me excited! An end is in sight to the cold, chill and rain is a rather a glorious prospect. 

So, despite that, many would say spending hours planning outfits to wear, or for me, what to pack to take with me from Melbourne back to Auckland, is a little silly and frivolous and materialistic, umm WHY NOT?! It’s fashion week Babe!! What better week of any year to be silly and frivolous and materialistic! Oh it is truly rather thrilling!

Here are some tips on how to be fabulous at the ALL the upcoming fashion weeks:

1. Wear at least one stand out item. A ridiculous hat, pair of shoes or pants are top in my books. And if your item is a “Designer” piece by someone who’s showing you get an extra 100 brownie points.

2. Take inconspicuous selfies.  Don’t be the one with a cellphone in the middle of the photographers pit (or front row) blocking everyone else’s view.  You will get talked about in a not-nice way.  . Ahhhh fashion-politics.  We all want to show off where we are, but not get caught doing it!

3. Colour blocking will always come in and out of the “IN” look of the moment but too many people stick to the dark, morose safety of black.  Take a giant pink leaf out of my book, you’ll noticed within the sea of black that is fashion week front row, even if you end up in the worst dressed column its still press, right?  . Do it.

4. Sunglasses make you seem prestigious and intimidating.  If your trying to get your seat upgraded then giant over-sized or over stated glasses really up the anti…  Unless your usher is really on the ball with fashion week antics, then don’t be that glamourazzi twat that throws a tantrum, okay!

5. Go old school.  Take a gorgeous wee notebook, maybe with a glamorous title embossed in gold and a pencil.  Taking notes its not only practical when you have a hectic schedule of shows, seems more respectful than tapping away on your phone or tablet (everyone thinks you’re on facebook!)  and you can take gorgeous pictures to pop in with your article once it’s written!

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week model casting was this week and by the look of the talent that turned out it is going to be yet another fantastic event that has made me please with my decision to move my blogisphere to Australia!  You can check out more as it comes here:

You can get tickets HERE
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 Earlier this week I Bingo’d my wardrobe for and the end result was the outfit below, which I quickly photo shopped together.  It turned out to be a brilliant outfit to go off to my most recent photo shoot at The Establishment Studios, which by the way, are AMAZING!

If you love this outfit as much as I do has it!  They have quite a number of blazers but I particularly like this Elodie Neon Ruched Sleeve pink one which is the perfect pairing with a pair of shiny black Disco Pants!  In the photos below I’ve paired them with a set of heels instead of these studded pink sandals, although the shoes I did wear are almost identical to these pink and perspex mid-heels!  Top it off with a cute bowler hat and chunky knot jewelry!

Sneaking some selfies before make-up and wardrobe!

 Hope you like and happy shopping!!

Phlossy Roxx

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Book Launch: Out of Shape – Debunking myths about Fashion & Fit

events, Fashion, Writing

Normally the media events I attend are more Fashion orientated so it was quite a delight to attend the launch of Mel Campbell’s book “Out of Shape” and as a super special treat listen to her read and comment on as she went through a chapter of the book as well.

We all love to listen to people who put into beautifully artistically linguistic words principals we whole heartedly agree with.  Referencing much of pop culture over the years and much extensive historical fashion research Mel has written a ingeniously intriguing book on popular perception of size and the difference between that and what is actually our natural physical shape.  Our bodies are obviously all different but through out time there has always been an esteemed version of perfection or ideal, and clothing really plays a very large part in a person’s desire (or otherwise) to attain it.

“Out of Shape” also bravely deals with masculine and feminine fashion and clothing not limited by the gender of the person wearing that item of clothing.  Pointing out general ideals that each portrays and how the wearer may wittingly or unwittingly receive a reaction based on that presentation of themselves based on the clothing (or undergarments) they might be wearing at the time.

I’m a recently converted fan and since the event have added this to my reading list for those long dreary trips back and forth on the tram/train.  I can’t wait to giggle and smile as Mel’s sense of humour really shows through the well researched chapters as she Debunks those Myths.  If I get a couple of confused sideways looks on public transport for my outbursts, I really don’t care.  It’ll be worth it!

Look.Stop.Shop, @ Curtin House

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Things I love Thursday: A day off!

Fashion, things i love thursday

Well the last month and half has absolutely flown by!! Work, house, furnishings, shopping, getting lost, dogs, heat wave, 6 degree weather, autumn, Burlesque shows, public transport, trams, trains and busses, car shopping, warm clothes shopping, discovering DFO, Queen Victoria Markets, epic vintage shops, and I could keep going for hours.  Thanks Melbourne for being awesome.  Post move loneliness is lessening as I go out an meet more people (and get propositioned!!) and learn my way around!!

Click in to see more!

In this making friends business I have decided to be as pro-active as possible, despite getting made fun of for doing so at home.  Socially awkward?  No, just determined not to be a Nigel-no-mates.  Oh and its actually an interesting experiment.  You can make friends on a train.

Today it has been super windy and we’ve had at least two drastic weather changes.  I’m just up to close the door and turn the heater on cos it’s started raining now.  Officially the temperature was supposed to be 15 degrees which isn’t too shabby but with the wind and the rain actually outside Melbourne temperature is sitting around 5 or 6 degrees right now.   The last two days its been Onsie’s to bed and triple layers of leggings and tops to keep warm.  I really should write and Aucklander’s guide to living in cold weather one day.   I suppose however we timed it right so that as next summer rolls around we’ll be all ready for the toasty heat!!


ANYWAY today I decided that I really didn’t want to go to work.  I had a meeting in the morning in Collingwood and I’ve Swing Dance class tonight in Fitzroy.  Exciting!  With not quite knowing how to get around and how long it would take I decided to flag the stress and relax today so that I’m not rushing all over  town stressing out.  Oh yes and today is Wednesday not Thursday. LOL

On my adventures I took a few photos!  I had my nails re done with glittery lavender Shallac and discovered the most amazing vintage store called My Delirium.  It is only once in a blue moon I walk into a shop and find something instantly that I just have to add to my wardrobe regardless of the price.  The spikey jacket in the above photos being just that kind of thing!!  WOW  If you are coming to Melbourne in the near future this is on my TOP 10 places to visit and is just off Brunswick Street, on Johnston Street, Fitzroy.  Just down the road a little further is delicious cafe called The Food Store where I stopped to warm my chilly fingers with a yummy Mocha and managed to take my first ever selfie photo with both sets of fingers in it.  I’m grinning away as I immagine you laughing and rolling your eyes at me.  Dorky yes, but a bloggers first world problem!


 And when I got home I decided to cook.  Being the first time I’ve cooked in Melbourne! Well more than making a quick dinner for one, and or heating up food.  Really I’ve been incredibly lazy on the meals front.  There are some incredibly delicious places to eat around the area we are living in.  Thai, Indian, Noodle-Box, Mexican, and Turkish etc etc.

So today I made Gluten free double chocolate muffins.  Oh and they are SO delicious, nice and light with out that a-typical gluten-free downfall – the heavy cardboard taste. Hallelujah!  I’m still getting used to our gas stove and oven so in the first five minutes I burned the tops of them, but thankfully with some quick thinking and left over batter, they were saved.  I whipped of the top burned bits, plopped a tiny bit more batter onto each one and popped them back into the oven at a much lower shelf level.  This oven only has heat from the top so I’m getting used to where things have to sit! SUCCESS!!

One my gorgeous friends from work recently mentioned to me Bacon Cupcakes!  I nearly died!  If you’ve seen the viral video “Bacon, bacon, pancakes” my delicious “Bacon, bacon, cupcakes” are the best thing in the world and I’d gladly vie them against pancakes any day!

My new pink cupcake tins lined with bacon, a couple of chopped up pieces of sun-dried tomato, some Halumi cheese, a sprinkling of cajun spices and egg! DONE!! Grill till the cheese goes bubbly and golden, and it should come out looking out like this!

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Black Milk: Melbourne Sample sale review

Fashion, Melbourne

About two and a half years ago I discovered a brand called Black Milk Clothing. It turned out they make leggings. Nylon goodness, and I have no qualms about admitting that all natural fibers are not a common thing in my wardrobe.  Maybe they should be, and maybe Ill develop a taste for that one day, but right now I don’t mind a spot of Nylon.

Click in to see more!

On the Black Milk website their wee story under the “About us” typical of nosy website is most humbling and inspiring. Possibly you could call it a rags to riches success story, I like to think of it as a personal kick up my ass. Why sit around doing something you hate when you could be working your butt off but being happy. However, that is not what today’s post is about. Now that my blogging mojo is slowly returning I wanted to share with you these lovely leggings and my story about meeting “Sharkies” in New Zealand and Australia.

 The clothing is simple, basic but all in all good quality with funky, quirky and rebellious prints.  With the line starting to include more than just leggings it is truly a developing online Fashion Label. Maxi dresses, swim suits, t-shirt dresses, skirts, basket ball singlets, leggings and boob-tubes is really rocket science.
How Black Milk clothing have created a brand with a cult like following IS!  If every marketing manager or PR company could re-create that kind of organic success story they’d be putting them selves out of business.

There a Facebook groups for every country, or even states with in a country. Coffee or drink meets, reminiscent of stamp collector meetings from the 80’s… Collections get shown, shared, swapped, on sold or fawned over. There is one thing unique about “Sharkies”, so named because of their ability to crash the shop website trying to snap up a new product. 

I walked through the underground walk way at Melbourne’s Flinders station I spot a girl walking towards me wearing brightly coloured leggings. I smile as I recognise them as Black Milk tights, and she acknowledges me back recognising mine.  Being a very recent immigrant to Australia I’m still working really hard to meet people and make friends, so simple little personal interactions make my day.

Last weekend was the Melbourne Black Milk sample sale. Coming from New Zealand I had no idea they did such a thing, but dutifully saved up my pennies and planned my weekend around attending the sale. 9 am it was due to start. Having been to the Swarovski sample (invite only) sale I expected it to be a little similar. Lines out the door. Groups of people let into the sale room for a limited amount of time each. Scrambles and then a patient wait at the check out.  Well my expectations were almost on target. Almost!!

There had been a meet up the night before (frustrated I didn’t know so I could have gone!) and a large group had stayed there late and then head straight to the factory were they camped over night with their sleeping bags! Others had set their alarms for ridiculous hours and headed in to arrive as early as 4-6 am!  Myself, blissfully I got up at 8 am and headed there planning to be there around 8:30 am, thinking this early!

How wrong was I. A small block consisting of 8-10 joined terrace houses long and wide was surrounded by colourful lines all around the block. Four sides of the block surrounded en’ masse by a line made up most of girls of all sizes and colours of hair all wearing at least one if not multiple items of Black Milk. Every 20 minutes 150 people were allowed to rush into the warehouse. Piles of nylon organised into sizes were instantly shrouded elbow to elbow pf excited people rummaging and hunting for pieces that caught their attention.

I waited for two and a half hours to get into the sale. “What??” You say, that is ridiculous. But time flew!  Standing in the line I made friends! Students, mums, and crazy cats like myself all chatting about what we had in common. All for the love of Black Milk.

Thanks James Lillis, you made your dream a reality. We can too!

Other info if you wish to cross educate yourself here:

Alternative sites that also sell RAD as leggings:

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