I half wrote this post months ago- but she’s doing some amazing things.  Including a pop up shop! Here is the link if you’d like more info on the shop: SHOP which is literally around the corner from my house!! 😀

You know you have you blog MOJO back when you attend a Fashion show.  After doing New Zealand Fashion week as the most colourful person almost every day amongst a sea of trendy cuts and hipsters all dressed in BLACK.

Colour.  I just can’t get past it.  I’m passionate about it.  I shop a specific wardrobe, honestly it makes me happy so I love it.
I’m not saying I don’t have black and a lot of it, but if I’m wearing black, I will accessorise with hyper colour tights, pink leopard print shoes or neon accessories or jewellery.  
When I heard that the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival events were on and some of my favourite Creative Melbourne designers were showing I think I ACTUALLY had kittens!

Luna Sea, GooLIfe, Madam Buttons, and NXK the queen of colour, I’m featuring today!

Here are some wee pictures of me galavanting around, being a royal brat. The first time this didn’t stand out.  Most of the audience were all creative types, colourful, alternative, bright.  I kept thinking this girl REALLY knows who here target audience is and has them all cornered, excited and in the Building.
The show was just up the road.  You know you live in the right area when you can walk one block to a fashion show from your front door!!! The Queue was all the way around the corner by the time I arrive and I was super excited.

It was held in the Easy Street Building that has the roof top trains!  If you haven’t checked it out – check this.  It’s pretty cute.  Tommy JackettTV – also pretty cute.

There were 6 models in the show and 3 maybe 4 rooms with different runways.  The VIP area in the Trains up the top floor of the building outside, and another down on a lower level of the building. Afterwards exploring the building realising what an amazing view it has of the local Collingwood area made me excited for the promises of a Burger Joint there in the future! 

Nixi will return to Italy where she will act as a mentor, sharing her knowledge with 100 international designers that are being unearthed by London fashion platform Not Just A Label. As HP Brand Ambassador harnessing the creative power of HP’s x2 laptop/tablet hybrid to bends the rules of fashion by creating psychedelic street wear and sculptured techno wearables.

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NZFW 2013: Annah Stretton


Based on the entire theme of Alice in Wonderland – from props, set, pre show characters, right down to the fabric in the garments this was truly a childhood story brought to life!  The Cheshire Cat, painted by BodyFX and the Mad Hatter Opened the  Annah Stretton show, prancing up and down the run way which was split down the middle by  line of vintage tables covered in cupcakes, macaroons, tea sets and flowers.  I knew we were in for an exciting show.

Featuring two halves to the show, and man frock coats, and suits,  dresses with many petticoats and flounces to the second half predominately spotty.  Polka dots on everything, reversed in black and white, huge floral crown hats made by Pheonix Cosmetics really tipped of the whimsical look and fairy tail feel of the whole show..

Nerida Cortese as Alice dancing with the Mad Hatter down the runway mid-show just added the final touch to the amazing production by Jonathan Smith.  Perfectly timed and choreographed, Nerida wearing a pretty circle skirt dress by Annah Stretton just made it perfect.  Even though it didn’t seem to be the initial plan the runway audience loved being able to swarm the run way and snap both pictures and a cup-cake at the end of the show.

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NZFW 2013: Pia Boutique


Opened by another Melbourne based Kiwi Esther Stephens singing a beautiful song “Under You” wearing a signature smock dress, hemmed with cute frills in bright blues, pinks and aqua marines.  Definitely an exciting way to engage the attention of a runway audience overwhelmed by the amount of shows at fashion week.

When I was about 5 maybe a little younger, I was a flower girl.  I was a cute wee Shirley Temple, and its been the only time in my life I was involved in a wedding.  I wore a wee white dress with a pink sash.  The colours and shades of the Pia Boutique show reminded me of that dress and reminded me of it.  Even the almost holographic satiny look of the feature fabric reminded me of that dress.

 Baby blue almost aqua-marine colours in a tailored two piece dress suit,  a pink opaque square pattered cropped top with matching drawstring style casual pants, pink and pale purples, floral prints.  It was a show celebrating the unicorn pallet of pinks, blues, greens, oranges whites and purples.   Mixed with her geometric prints featuring on the front of some garments it was a candy coloured delight to my eye, and a definite bright look at A/W 2014.

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NZFW 2013: NZ Weddings Magazine Show

Fashion, queer

Apart from being SO super excited about this show and my favourite New Zealand gown designer John Zimmerman, who has a store in Eden Terrace on Mt Eden Road, the NZ Weddings Magazine show is the most fabulously sparkly show of all Fashion Week this year.  With no jewelry or Phoenix Makeup shows to spice up the variety on the runway this year, it has to be one of my top favorites so far.

Opening with Vinka Design and high lighting with the menswear of Crane Brothers strutting dapperly down the runway.  Sara Lilly included almost a dozen children in her section also, cute little barefooted boys and girls, really making the crowd “Oooohh” and “Aaaaahhh”!

Sara Lilly even included a nod to #EqualLove / #MarriageEquality with a “Here come the Brides” sign held by two little boys and a pair in a gorgeous cream satin pants suit and bridal gown.  Nicely played Sara, I like.

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NZFW 2013: Deryn Schmidt


When one heads off to the races, Melbourne Cup, I’m looking at you! One wants to be all dressed up lady-like or be the one with a lady on your arm.  I’m down with either option, give me a lady date wearing Deryn Schmidt pants suit or pencil skirt and we’d make a eye-catching pair.

Again using sheer fabrics, but textured sheer, in both black and brown, half sheer leggings matched up with a strapless fitted corset bustier top in patterned plum colours.  The feature fabric was a gorgeous dark brown/purple colour with images of old flash units off vintage cameras…  You appeal to my love of vintage things!

My favourite look of the collection has to be the jacket and skirt combination in  almost hounds-tooth pattern but all black with a glisteny shine to it.  Teamed up with tall heels and dark glasses and a vintage inspired curly waved bob it was a fierce power female look that I love!
Lastly I note the fantastic hats.  Large “Sunday’s in the park” look with large brims and covered in sparkly jewels over the top they were eye-catching and something I think I’ll be investing in to survive a Melbourne summer!

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NZFW 2013: Zambezi


Zambezi has always been a brand that I’ve felt conflicted about.  I love the dark all back style.  I’m totally a black wearing girl mixed up with all my bright pink its almost my uniform.  However the style of clothing is interesting,  large and over sized hasn’t always been my jam, although I’m starting to like more things of that style the more I see them.  But Zambezi has always been the leader in that style.  It takes a strong sense of style identity to wear it.  To me your beige is an easy out.

This year they pushed the envelope even further by completely opening up the backstage area.  You could see the changing racks and the make-up artists, the stage crew, the backstage photographers and the designers running around organizing the long line of models onto the run way.

Having lived directly opposite their new head offices on Canada Lane in Newton, Auckland I’ve seen the hours they work and the hustle and bustle of running one of New Zealand’s largest design houses.   When I find a piece of Zambezi that looks amazing on me and it ends up in my wardrobe, trust me I’ll be letting you all know.

The mens wear I do admire tho and would be happy to see garbed on my dates. Tailored winter coats in heavy fabric with corded detailing and prefect finishing, the dark green and blue vinyl and plastic looks I think I’ll leave for someone else however.  They really did surprise with a dash of red, coloured with pink on a slightly sheer textured dresses and mens and womens shirts in an “almost” floral pattern.

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NZFW 2013: Andrea Moore


Andrea Moore was a love bright dash of colour a midst a day largely dominated by dark colours and over sized or unfitted clothing.  Its was a complete wake up to my senses,  colours of the season for A/W 2014 from Andrea Moore definitely feature strong  nectarine oranges, vivid magenta pink which hints at almost being fluorescent.  Royal blues and bright avocado greens mixed with geometrical prints dare anyone to wear them and not stand out.

My favourite piece of the collection has to be the hot pink jump suit.  Although a jump suit would really challenge my body confidence with pleats and gathers around a higher sitting waist, the colour is just FANTASTICALLY bright, and I love it.  Teamed up with a complimentary purple blazer coat it just looked great.

The rest of the collection was full of florals, tailored dress pants for your corporate Remuera business woman with too much money to spare or a fancy out for that special occasion.  What edged it up a little were some awesome wee vinyl  harness waistcoats.  Made of wide thick straps that came around the shoulder and across the back I love the idea.  One with faux fur shoulders actually made me super excited I think I’ll have to get my hands on one myself….  I like this challenge!

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NZFW 2013: Company of Strangers


Doll faces, not a smile to be seen, grungy styled hair, dark make up and fishnet tights.  Company of strangers show was grimy, dark and brooding, hosted in the underground car park of the Sofitel hotel, just down and around the roadworks detour from the Fashion Week venue, the Viaduct Events Centre.

High platform wedge boots by Chaos and Harmony were amazing and fitted the style of the show perfectly. I think this sign from back stage sums it all up perfectly. Love it!!

I’m pretty sure I’ll have a huge list of “WANT” when this range comes out.  The dog collar necklaces with chain detail,  the over whelming amount of sheer fabric in a gothy winter collection!  The excessive use of vynal mixed with base fabric in black, dark green or deep plumy red colours.

Nose to ear chain rings are COOL… I’ll have to dig mine out… although it wasn’t something I brought with me.  Tunic dresses in rib fabric, side splits and the hottest leather look crop tops.

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NZFW 2013: Lela Jacobs


Not quite knowing what to expect when I sat down at the Lela Jacobs NZFW show, my heart beat quickened when a guitarist and singer/keyboardist stepped out to play the show sound track live.  A hauntingly eerie beginning to a collection show I’ve fallen in love with.   Himalayan Sherpa Gothic chic mixed with a little ice queen.  For myself,  huge fan of alternative fashion style, darker and androgynous clothing the Lela Jacobs show, “The Keep” will be something I’ll be putting on my shopping list once I am back in Melbourne!

A monochromatic color palette of predominantly blacks, grays, whites and neutrals accentuates the conceptual silhouettes and strong lines of a Lela Jacobs design.  The show opened with a major impact,  tall dark African looking girl in black goddess robes.  Layered fabric, robes and tunics, some with Asian inspired collars and other long garments with a shirt collar and shoulders draping down to frayed edges and deconstructed hems.   Printed in white across the shoulders or legs was the stylized words “de-centralized”.

Favourite pick of the collection would be the only one pair of stretch sheer soft cotton like black leggings with the font “de-certralized” printed up one leg.  I’ll be on the hunt for a pair of those.  My inner gothic tendencies were excited.  Although I’d team my outfits up with loads of colour, I love the dark over garments, the fur and leather waistcoats and shrugs I need in my Wardrobe to survive the next Melbourne Winter.
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NZFW 2013: Twenty Seven Names


Opening with a nod to school boy chic and casual street glam for winter, Twenty Seven Names show was a cute selection of skater dresses, tailored pants, dropped waistlines and 90’s cardigans.

The models were fresh and not darkly made up, tattoo designs on their for-arms, with little marching bowler hats and the fabric motifs claiming “je susis predu”  or “I’m lost”.  Gorgeous navy with a stiff satiny look and heavy pleats on some of the dresses.   The collection is dedicated to the Rene Margritte a infamous surrealist artist in Brussels.

I love the bowler hat look, the dapper nod to ladies or “Toms” who would dress in suits instead of the gowns of the day.  The skater dresses definitely have relaxed casual feel about the whole look.  If I was to see a girl in one of them with a fur muff and white vintage boot skates I’d say the look was just about perfect.

I still don’t think you’ll catch me in a knitted cardigan anytime in the near future but it’s interesting see how looks or a vibe of my teen age years is returning to New Zealand Fashion week this year, 2013.

Photos thanks to Dani Just Is.

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