Nick von K – Midnight Carnival

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As the former co-host of The Midnight Rock n Roll Circus (on the late great Alt TV) with my amazing New Zealand based contributor to this blog Dolly DeStory, I was excited to send her along to cover “Midnight Carnival” – the newest collection from the decadently Gothic Nick Von K!  I knew she’d love it!  With my other amazing friends, pictured above, I couldn’t help be just a little jealous that I was there too.
Have you ever dreamed of a monkey riding on a wolf’s head? Or an alley cat with an eye-patch? Or the eternal battle between the Swan Queen and the Dragon Queen? 

Rendered in gorgeous silver and semi-precious stones, Nick Von K’s Midnight Carnival is a banquet of craftsmanship and imagination.

In a fitting dramatic style, New Zealand burlesque icons Leda Petit and Miss Anthropy fleshed out the Swan Queen and Dragon Queen at Wednesday’s launch event on Cross St – complete with elaborately sculpted headdresses to match.  Made by Andrea Howes!
Perhaps it was the heady mix of 450mL Grolsch bottles and delicious glasses of Giesen Wines, but between the flicker of candles illuminating the new range and the ethereal Queens, the Midnight Carnival was as vivid as the best of dreams.
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Not your normal job: Side Show Annie Costume Parlour


You have been in business a while… When did it all begin?

It officially began in Sept 2011 when I first opened the Sideshow Annie shopfront, but I had been dreaming about doing it for at least 3 years before that day.  Lots of research and planning on paper was done before I was confident enough to go for it.

What did you do before you began your enterprising endeavors?

I originally studied and trained in fashion design, but after graduating, found that a fashion career wasn’t as creative or hands on as I thought it would be. So I landed a job at a costume hire store and never looked back. In between I have done some stints freelance sewing which has been all sorts of wonderful things and even worked on a job where I was sewing dinosaur skins for giant mechanical dinosaurs.

What tips would you give new entrepreneurs to help them start out on a path to success?

Plan, and research! You can never be too prepared. There are many templates online that will show you how to lay out your very own business plan. Every aspect of a business plan is important and needs to be considered to ensure you know your business inside and out.
If you have never worked in the area of the business you are trying to open- don’t do it! Go out and find some work experience in your chosen industry first. There’s nothing like on the job training.
Sideshow Annie Headress
Did you consciously decide not to work in a ‘normal job’ or is this a label you feel is ridiculous and unfounded??
I guess I did, in a way. I find full time 9-5 jobs intensely boring. Office jobs and the like are suffocating to me, I need creative outlets and time to myself. Finding full time creative work is very hard, and it seems it does not exist! Starting my own business was the only way I could see myself making a ‘grown ups’ wage whilst still doing what I love.

Have you ever struggled to get what you do taken seriously?

Not really, most people are really lovely and just plain curious about it. They want to know if I make the costume accessories and how I got into it all. Some even ask me if I need an assistant!

Do you think having a niche market is a help or a hindrance?

A bit of both really. Its great to have a direction and a guide to my products, but it can hinder your sales sometimes. Its a constant struggle between doing only my dream custom made items, or selling retail products that I know are quick sellers but not really the kind of product I necessarily want to sell.
it can be tough, but what I like the most about a niche market is that the customer tends to seek you out, rather than chasing them (Demtel knives anyone?) because you are unique and have what they need.

In your spare time what appeals to you more, a dark underground club, a lounge bar or a large scale events?
Personally I like dark underground bars. I love feeling like you are the only person who knows about a place and you can escape from the world above.

What is the biggest, most exciting project you’ve worked on / are most proud of?

I recently made a custom project for Little Skink, a burlesque performer here in Melbourne. She asked for a Praying Mantis burlesque costume. I love a good challenge 🙂
It was hard work but we got there in the end and I am really happy with the way it turned out. Looks amazing on the stage next to the large mantis prop Little Skink made to use in her routine.

Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline that you could share with us?

I’ve recently just streamlined the business to make it more workable with my day job. I’ve closed the costume hire section and will become more specific with the online retail items, choosing only those items that are harder to find in the burlesque community.
Alongside the retail sales, I will be creating one of a kind items to sell via Etsy which i hope to have up and running properly very soon.  The closing of the costume hire section means its SALE TIME!
Very soon I will be holding a sale in Melbourne to get rid of all the costume hire things i have accumulated over the last 2 and a half years.

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Melbourne: 9 Unique places to visit

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The Black Cat

The Black Cat was one of the first places that I really felt relaxed in when I first came to Melbourne. I was in the country for a total of four days initially to get set up.  Four days to find a house, get a phone, bank account, job and tax number.  Yup that’s me, always attempting the impossible. However the universe smiled on me and I was able to achieve (or over achieve) and got pretty much all done.  Exhaustion ensued so I sort out somewhere to relax and the Black Cat did it for me.  Delicious on-tap apple cider and lemony grilled halloumi!  What could be more perfect comfortable and delicious?!!


(Click here to see more!)
Maybe I should have been born in the 70’s because I LOVE bright colours, patterns and odd ball clothing. So when I walked past this store I couldn’t help but to be stopped in my tracks and dive into the colour, sparkle and wonderment that Shag contains!  See these for yourself and believe me its better IRL!!

My Delirium

I’m pretty sure I “Squeeeeed” with excitement when I stumbled upon this store.  I found it completely by accident when trying to find an address in Collingwood and getting lost and heading the opposite direction to Fitzroy instead.  Ooops!  This place is bright colourful and totally amazing and the ladies that work there are just as lovely!!  I’ve even followed the store’s Instagram profile to get more photographic goodness!  I immediately bought something that was ridiculous and totally worth  every expensive cent!  I cant wait to show you more photos of my purchase in the near future!


Just 90 minutes from Melbourne, the Daylesford boasts the highest concentration of mineral springs in the country together with an equally large array of therapists.   Holistic health services, cuisine, cellar doors, award winning day spas, spectacular scenery, natural mineral springs, romantic hideaways, country resorts, historic streetscapes, horse trekking and trout farms all make this glorious wee spot a top destination when you’ve had enough of the city and need an escape.  For me it was an beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable romantic get-away.   Although being a little saddle sore for the next few days I’d do it all again in a heart beat with a big dinner and massage at the end of it!

The Butterfly Club

Some of my new friends in Melbourne said that I’d “HAVE” to visit the Butterfly Club.  Surprised to hear a place come so highly recommended I decided one afternoon to seek it out randomly to check it out.  Looking up at the photo above from the day we went horse riding, that surprised face is exactly what I did when I walked it.  Quickly it changed to super excitement!!  I can’t wait to go back here more often and even put on shows in the cute wee theater!!
The Butterfly Club, a glorious small theater and temple of camp kitsch in the heart of Melbourne – here you’ll find an intimate showroom, an award-winning foyer bar, and a truly enormous collection of kitsch. Take a seat in an improbably old armchair, try a sip of your Thai Butterfly, then move to the theater and forget about the world outside.”


Kiwis if you are familiar with DressSmart then this is the Australian equalent.  Cheap, factory outlet, end of line stores but in a HUGE f***off mall.  Its amazing and overwhelming.  But I walked out last weekend with a gorgeous “Bird of Paradise” faux fur coat that I saw weeks ago and couldn’t get out of my head!!  I had to go back and get it.  As soon as I’ve worn it I’ll take photos to post up.. I just keep thinking how wonderfully it will match my Mermaid dress.  It looks a little like this, but more fluffy and two tone.


The ultimate Hipster /Alternative shop.  It has everything.  Its the “Target” for anyone with a little bit more of a ‘different’ style.  From “David Bain” ugly jumpers through to cute cardigans or goth pants or tie-dye.   There is a store on just about every shopping street or mall and even an outlet on the top end of Brunswick street if you are trying to find something cheap.

China Town (Spicy Hut and Shanghai Village Restaurants)

Spicy Hut does HUGE meals full of flavour and lots of spice that if you order four dishes it will feed you for a week and not be too dear.  They are happy to give you take away containers if you cant finish a meal.  Off Lonsdale street close to Chinatown.
Shanghai Village is also in Chinatown (112 Little Bourke street and ‘cool’ restaurant in town!) and is the closest you can get to the hipster filled Barrilla Dumplings back in Auckland’s Dominion Road.  A HUGE two level restaurant it is busy, delicious and most of all VERY CHEAP.  A big group can pre-book and organize a flat fee per head. RECOMMEND!!

Williamstown Ghost tours

Being a fan of the supernatural and all things ghostly we trekked to Williamstown, the otherside of Melbourne harbour in the early evening, had a lovely dinner then head over to the old fountain by the shore.  A lady with a lantern took us out around the town and showed us the creppy allyways, haunted tower and old mortuary.  Brilliant, if I get tingles up my spine, and my hairs standing on end – You will too!

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The Very Vintage Day Out 2013


Last year I attended the very fist Very Vintage Day out, run by the most amazing Miss T Pin-Ups!  It was huge rip roaring success.  Check out come snaps I took at the event HERE!  This year it rolls around again this weekend!  EXCITING!!  I’m more involved this year, performing and I’m on the Judging panel for the now annual Miss Pin-Up competition!  (I really need to sort an out-fit out asap!)

Click in to see more!

You can check out all the contestants here, and you are also able to VOTE for your favourite, in the “People’s Choice Award!”  Go do it now, there are some very, very gorgeous ladies who would love a to win this special prize! HERE

I will be performing later in the day to a couple of my favourite old school burlesque tunes… You might recognise them.  I hope to see you all there!  Here is a little of what to expect!
The VVDO is a celebration of vintage culture and an entertaining day out for young and old. 

Taking a nostalgic trip back to a simpler era at Alexandra Park on April 13th, The Very Vintage Day Out will bring together the best of local vintage, with everything from classic to kitsch on display. Utilising a bigger space, food stalls, more entertainment and even more shopping, there will be a myriad of delights for anyone with an interest in vintage.

Brilliant all day entertainment with some of the country’s best Charleston, Rock’n’Roll, Burlesque, Rockabilly and Swing performers displaying their skills will keep the crowds entertained. Whilst shoppers will love the extensive range of garments, trinkets, beauty products, homewares and jewellery for sale at an array of different market stalls. Attendees are encouraged to get into the spirit of the day with spot prizes for the best dressed ticket holders.

See you there!!!

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Secret Life of Producer: Red Delicious

burlesque, events, Interview

I’ve known MisRed for the last 3 years.  It truly feels like way longer.  I’ve travelled huge distances to perform at her events “The Red Delicious Review” and her up to Auckland to perform for me. We have had many a roadie, late night, tiny dressing room muddle and laughs.  It’s my pleasure to introduce to you, RED DELICIOUS to the Secret Life of A Producer Series!

How long ago did you start producing events?
I’ve been producing about 18 months now after I started my own show not long after I got into burlesque, mostly so I could have somewhere to perform!

Click in to see more!

What type of things would you have on a normal “Producer” work day?
Lots of networking, especially for the events coming up this year! But other than the obvious, I spend a lot of time doing business planning, building budgets, reviewing performer profiles, structuring the show, organizing sponsors and prizes, coordinating with venues, writing performer agreements, chasing performers, setting up lists (music, to-do etc) and writing event profiles to capture the target audience. O and some where in there I eat…

“Producer” covers a lot of different jobs that you’d do in the process of putting on an event. Can you share your most and least favourite of them all?
Most favorite has to be hearing the feedback about how well as how went from the audience and from the performers  Its important to me that obviously the audience has a good time, but more so that the performers do to and are treated well as that is reflected in their performances.

Your least favourite job as a producer? 
My least favorite is about an hour before the show starts. I usually am checking everything has got what they need as well as trying to get myself together and have my own quite time which is damn near impossible. It also comes with the worry of meeting targets at this time as even if you’ve sold out, you’re never sure if they will all show up!

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever worked on in an organisational sense?
The most exciting is the challenges coming up for 2013, with the New Zealand Burlesque Festival. To be able to bring together the NZ community and show them the magic of our international performers, to learn and develop our own community from what they teach and to create opportunities for NZ performers to go overseas is amazingly exciting. And horribly terrifying as well!

What have you got coming up that your really looking forward to?
The next event I am looking forward to is the Autumn Revue, a showcase of my students as well as some special guests from the deep south! I’m mostly excited about it as it will be launching my first solo student onto the stage and I will have to give up my position as the ONLY independent performer in Manawatu as it will no longer be true! I am so proud of what she’s achieved and the amazing person she is; I can’t wait to show the locals what a fantastic community we are building here!

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Secret Life of a Producer: Petit Cheval

burlesque, events, Interview

When I first met this young lady I was star struck, I never thought that in a few short years I’d be not only performing with her, but be honoured to call her one of my close friends!  AMAZING… she’s a favourite here and internationally, recently performing with the House of Burlesque in my dream town, Melbourne (more on that is another blog!).  

From performing with the AMAZING Dust Palace, to the Splore festival, Dr Sketchy, Electric Burlesque and the Fringe Festival Mika shows this girl is a force to be reckoned with! A whirlwind in lashes, glitter and lace!

Others in my Producer Series:  Miss Red, Lilly Loca, Queerlesque

How long ago did you start producing events?
I started in 2009, when, faced with the prospect of only 2 burlesque promoters in Auckland and a desire to have more shows, pushed my stilettos first into production. Before that I had only graced the stage, not been the one wrangling performers.

Click in to see more!

What type of things would you have on a normal “Producer” work day?
Emails… Lots and lots of emails. Wrangling performers, liaising with venue managers and business partners. Promoting the event via various social networks. It’s all very dull and uninteresting to read about. My favourite part is usually the creative process of forming the event. This usually involves boozy lunches andlots of laughter. But still a few emails…

“Producer” covers allot of different jobs that you’d do in the process of putting on an event. 
Can you share your most and least favourite of them all?
Well as stated above, I certainly love the creative part of coming up with the event,figuring out the energy, atmosphere I want to create with the venue. My least favourite part is flyering. Hate it with a passion. But it is a necessary evil.

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever worked on in an organisational sense?
There are two that really spring to mind. The first is of course, my very first show I ever produced. I had a few international burlesque friends in town for another show (one they weren’t being paid for, or paid very little), and the asked me if I would consider putting on a show so they could make some extra money. and after very little rational consideration I agreed to wing it! It was at Pony Club, bottles of champagne were so cheap you could spill an entire bottle and not care, you’d just buy another one! It was a sell out raging success. How I managed it I’ll never know.

My second is the club night I am currently producing with my friend and business partner Barney McDonald, Electrique Burlesque (EB). EB feels very special to me as it is such a unique event in the burlesque social calendar, a night that is both show, club night and sensory overload thanks to some vintage electro-therapy machines we have, kindly provided by Boris Van Galvin. The music is deep-disco electronica, the dancers are wonderfully varied. My job is essentially to find hot, talented, interesting performers, who are capable of producing weird and unusual acts to music chosen by Barney, who is our “in-house” DJ-maestro. So far we’ve had a Vospertron lightsuit robot playboy; a painted lady wash away her sins; aerial chains; a topless, full-busted but still bearded Jesus; a stray cat strip with a well placed cardboard box; and ZOWIE! To name a few.

What have you got coming up that your really looking forward to?  
Feb is an insanely busy month for me this year! I of course have the aforementioned Electrique Burlesque at Cassette 9; a two week season of Salon Mika as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival and Pride Festival; Queerlesque; and the PROUD the Pride Closing Ceremony. I’m going to be living in false eyelashes and rhinestones, and probably end up with permanent corset lacing marks on my back….

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Secret Life of a Producer: Va-Va-Voom Productions

burlesque, events, Inspiration, Interview

To follow on from last week’s Secret Life of a Producer blog, this week I’m interviewing this gorgeous young lassie.  I’ve worked with her, performed with her, and had a quiet tipple too *cough* and was eager to see what she gets up to in her wee Vaudevillian office! 

1) How long ago did you start producing events?
About four and a half years ago. 
Click in to see more!
I am a professional Drama teacher and have produced and directed several plays and performances for schools and companies. However, it was this time two years ago, that I was in the shower and a light-bulb went on in my head. “why not create a show that showcased a variety of different performance styles in one show?”. So I did and it is now known as Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret. I have produced several other events since then, cooperatively and solo, such as 60’s club night Pussy Liquor, and dance-hybrid B-Boy vs. Burlesque. I now run my own production company, Va-Va-Voom Productions which specializes in cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville events and shows. I hope to get back to my roots and do some more theatre this year as well. Got quite a few exciting projects coming up!
2) What type of things would you have on a normal “Producer” work day?Haha, is there such a thing as a “normal producer work day?” The thing I love about being a producer is that no two days are ever the same – it’s not like a 9-5 office job where you do the same old thing every day. Typically though, I’ll get up, have a strong coffee and protein filled breakfast (an essential part of the beginning of my day) head to my computer, check emails, plan/organize upcoming or potential events, do administrative work such as run sheets, production timetables, etc. (there is A LOT of admin as a producer), promote my events through social media and on-line sources, promote my company, go out and buy props, organize lighting and sound, check out venues, research performers and the list goes on. Obviously I don’t do all of that in one day, but it’s a pretty huge job! 

3) “Producer” covers allot of different jobs that you’d do in the process of putting on an event. 

Can you share your most favourite of them all?Oh my absolute favourite would have to be: Marketing, publicity, organizing schedules and essential production documents (I think I’m a bit OCD!), liaising with cast, crew, venues and sponsors and keeping in touch with fans of the shows. I’m a real people person so love jobs that have me interacting with people.

4) Your least favourite job as a producer?
Applying for funding. Only because it’s rather difficult filling out the forms! Otherwise, I don’t think there is anything I really don’t like. Something that grinds my gears, is on the day of a show, while I’m not only the producer, but production manager and the go-to person for the cast and crew, is when people try to call or text you wanting tickets for the show. Honestly – I have a million and one things to think about and do, and the last thing I need is people calling me asking me personally to try and squeeze people in or hold tickets. That’s what a FOH ticketing person is for! Ok, rant over 😉 
5) What is the most exciting event you’ve ever worked on in an organizational sense?Ohhh golly! Um.. organizational wise.. probably the one I have coming up, which is a fortnightly event called ‘Whisper 150’ – based on the prohibition Speakeasy clubs of the 1930’s. It’s great because I’m collaborating with Hard Luck Cafe for it, and I’ve got to think really outside the square in terms of marketing and publicity because Speakeasies were generally very underground, and only those “in the know” knew about how to access it, get bookings, etc. So need to think rather creatively about getting people along, without being too “in your face” about it, to keep it authentic. 

6) What have you got coming up that your really looking forward to?  ( This is your chance to pimp your event!)
Next week, I have the sixth Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret show as a part of the Auckland Fringe Festival called ‘Vivacious Vaudeville – A Fringe Special!‘. This will be our kookiest show yet! We have a fabulous cast on board such as: 
Willow Noir – The Current Miss Burlesque New Zealand – She’ll make you hot under the collar Looney Rouge – Serving sumptuous servings of sexy swing
Ken Samson– ‘Romano Zucchini’: In your face and in your pants interactive comedy
Lilly Loca – MC and Theatrical Vaudevillian – Putting the Va-Va-Voom into Vaudeville
Patty Haag – The Hideously Fabulous Stage Kitten
The Speitatet – Swinging, Grooving, Spontaneous Jazz Trio

Plus we also have three amazing ‘Vivacious Vaudeville Prize Packs’ to be won (one each night of the show) to ticket holders! Patty Haag will be coming around before the show and issuing raffle tickets (so make sure you are on time!). Each prize pack has over $500.00 worth of goodies inside! Our fabulous prize sponsors are Purdy Corsetry, Live & Let Dye, Miss T Pinups, The New Zealand Burlesque Festival, Queenie Mays Vintage Skincare and BodyFX.
It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun. It’s held at The Loft in Q Theatre. Tickets are $30-$35 from

Photo credits
Cast Photo, Nat web – Photo by Jocelen Janon
Vivacious Vaudeville poster designed by Peter Heckman
Nat_Clinton – Photo by Clinton Cardozo 
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Things I love Thursday!!

burlesque, events, Fashion, things i love thursday

Some 2012 Things I love Thursday posts Here and Here

It’s about time I wrote another of these… I’ve been running around like a headless chicken working my butt off as a producer, performer, model, and Blogger, its really time that I stopped and smelled the roses… So today here are all the things I am thankful for!  I’m loving my life right now so its the opportune time to stop and say thank you to the Universe and all the amazing people I love and love to have around! Click in to see more!

Family time…  I saw a cute quote the other day that said ” Friends: When can I come over?, Close friends: I’m coming over. Best friends: In your living room already”  It really does have an element of truth.  I love a busy house full of people, laughing, chilling, and hanging out having fun!

Photo by Aych

Food. I know this seems a weird thing to put on my “Things I love” list since I’m doing a ReBoot Detox right now. Fruit and veggies, I love them I have to confess and its awesome having access to such a huge variety of delicious fresh sweet NOMMY food that’s so so good for my body.  Bring on the next week of Juicing!


Pride!  Its one day till the Pride Gala, the opening of the Auckland Pride festival the first LGBTI celebration we have had in Auckland since 2003. (I think that was the last one??) Its so exciting to see the whole community working so hard to put everything together, events, shows, parade floats, masses of people, costumes, banners and everything social media that goes with it!  I’m doing heaps and am loving every moment of it!!

Photos, sunsets, museums, parks and gardens.  I spent yesterday afternoon/ evening in Auckland domain with two photographers and a make-up artist.  The outcomes so far have been amazing… I am very excited about the rest of the day’s sets too.  Here is a sneaky peek of me being a landlocked mermaid princess…

Photography by Natasha Hing more coming soon by Moppie!

Surprises and Photos! Find new photos that haven’t been published yet lurking in my inbox and getting an exciting surprise to boot!! I’m Judging Miss Pin-Up New Zealand at the Very Vintage Day Out in April.  HOW EXCITING!

Photography by Miss T Pin-Ups

Going out and dressing up!  There is something fantastical about getting all dressed up to go out.  It has its similarity’s to getting into costume to go on stage I suppose.  The difference being the stage is life and the cast is YOU! I love to make a great first impression and there’s no better way to do it than colour and sparkles. Here’s some images for the Great Burlesque Dinner (International style)!  Thanks to Red Rascal Productions

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Life of a Producer: Queerlesque

burlesque, events, Inspiration, Interview, Life, queer

I thought I’d write about producing events and what goes on behind the scenes.  More often than not one would buy a ticket then turn up to an event and that is the only two interactions you have with that brand.  Weather it be a Burlesque event, a fashion show, or any kind of night life event there is a whole lot of work that gets done well before the event and all the way leading up to the date.

This is not intended in a negative way, instead to highlight and thank those who slog long hours to make this kind of thing happen!  Those who run events or produce generally do it because the love it.  They love the satisfaction of seeing an event come to fruition and the excitement of planning and running an event. Click in to see more!

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while.  If you are a Producer of an event I want to interview you!! It’ll be an interview series, similar to what I’ve done with my “Not Your Normal Job” series.  “Life of a Producer” contact me if you’d like to be part of this series.  
To start all of I thought I’d lead by example with myself, Producer of Queerlesque!

How long ago did you start producing events?
I started when I was 15, can you believe it?  I used to teach Irish Dance classes and put on a mini end of year production and I’ve still got the VCR tape of the show!  Since then I’ve run troupe’s of Go-Go dancers and more recently I am the proud mama of my Queerlesque baby all over New Zealand and hopefully into 2013 Australia…

What type of things would you have on a normal “Producer” work day?
Oh let me start with last weekend!  I went to about 8 different retail and wholesale store to price up fabric, I spend a couple of hours with a DJ to create a mix-tape of sorts for the Queerlesque Showcases we have coming up, I met with the creative directors of an event and discussed what they wanted for their show and what I could put together, I discussed lighting and rigging. Then once I got home I started emailing: show and performer bios, writing MC notes, co-coordinating and booking performers and finally all things social media.  Unless I have someone to help with all of these things I do them mostly on my own in my spare time around my 9-5 job which I still keep.  Crazy?  Yes probably.  Hyper-active and driven? Absolutely!

“Producer” covers allot of different jobs that you’d do in the process of putting on an event.  Can you share your most and least favourite of them all?
My favourite part of being a Producer is the first five minutes after the event is over! Okay, just kidding.  I really enjoy having lots of things to keep my brain occupied and my evenings busy.  I find there to be nothing more boring than an evening wasted, doing nothing. Not saying I don’t spend the occasional night in front of the TV. I most certainly do, but with my mobile phone at my side multi-tasking at the same time.

Your least favourite job as a producer?  
Trying to keep everyone happy?  Before, during and after.  I suppose the stupid unexpected things that happen that you really just have to keep your cool and deal with it.  I’m really luck that I really awesome team behind me, from stage managers, stage kittens, door people, MC, performers and loyal supporters!

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever worked on in an organisational sense?
Auckland Pride Festival 2013!!  I’m pulling together three mini Showcase shows, a Parade float, and a full blown event to top it all off, all in the space of a week and a half.  And that doesn’t take into account any performing I’m doing myself during that same time period.  Its been exciting and a huge learning curve dealing with ticketing agents, corporate advertising, sponsorship and grant applications and looking after a huge number of clients and performers.  Did I mention I love working to deadlines?

What have you got coming up that your really looking forward to?  ( This is your chance to pimp your event!)
Can I name a couple??  There’s the Fringe Festival show I’m Emceeing, and the closing party of the Pride festival, incidentally called Proud and being held at the newly revamped and restored Victoria Park Market complex.  Exciting!  I couldn’t finish with out mentioning my Producer baby, the Queerlesque show.    We have performers from Wellington coming up, and a huge line up of musical acts before the show too.  Its my Queer Burlesque, circus, cabaret, and vaudevillian dream come true!  Come along and watch people!

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