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In la. Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in life who want you in theirs. Who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and love you no matter what. 

BROTHER. Stand in my corner. Play pirates. Wrestle with me. Sometimes let me win. Be my superhero. Build a fort. Believe in my dreams. Keep secrets for each other. Go on adventures. Get you back on your feet. Partner in crime. Share your toys. Be my best friend.

I smile because you’re my brother.

And I laugh because there us nothing you can do about it. ??

Amazing camping in Victoria and Tasmania – otherwise known as GLAMPING

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The places these photos are from is Cumberland River Camping grounds, White Beach in Tasmania (just around the corner from Port Arthur) and Riverview camping grounds in Ocean Grove!  I can’t wait to keep checking out more places!

When I say camping I really do mean Glamping.  I’m not going on a 10k hike into the hills carrying everything I need to survive.  I mean taking everything to make the trip as comfortable as possible- the champagne, the feather duvet, lights and lanterns, incense to “enhance the romance” and the kitchen sink.. almost literally.  Running water, flushing toilets and hot showers!

Camping or Glamping you just can’t put a price on waking up to the morning chill or going to bed under the stars and saying goodnight to the moon!

Off the grid

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Thinking about my upcoming trip to America to Burning Man (OMG I STILL NEED FLIGHTS) I have been looking at some amazing pictures of Off the Grid homes.  Check out the photos on my photo blog: http://onlypinkthings.tumblr.com/  They’re beautiful and more and more I am craving the bush, camping, water in lakes and rivers.  Which is ironic considering Burning Man is a desert. In a dried up lake bed.  However it is self sustainable, and eco-friendly… for the week that the city exists…
I’m looking forward to a week offline, disconnected and blissfully out of touch with reality.

Living off-grid, or off-the-grid (OTG) means living in a home that operates without using municipal water, gas, power, sewage, or other publicly supplied utilities. Instead, off-grid homes use renewable forms of energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal technologies. A number are heated via wood stoves. Many also use a number of inventive water capturing and repurposing systems, such as rain barrel water collection, grey water systems, composting toilets, energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient lighting, non-electric/hand-powered appliances, and passive heating/cooling systems (which involves the use of methods such as layering clothing for warmth during cooler months and closing window blinds to keep out heat during warmer months).

Our modern world has jaded the population into believing we need certain things in order to survive. The internet, for one. A cell phone. A car. But what if I told you a person could have all of these things, and still live off the grid?

Nick Rosen, author of Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America, says: “You can’t get off all of the grids all the time. It’s a question of which grids you choose to get off of and in what way and for how long. [But] going off the grid is not a game. It’s real life and a real choice for real people.”

“The era of 40 acres and a mule has been replaced by the era of a half an acre and a laptop and a solar panel.”

If you’re interested in learning more about off-grid housing, Off-grid andLiving Off Grid offer storehouses of information on the subject.

Unplugging: reconnect with Nature

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Amazing views from the top of the hills, all over the bay.  What you can’t see is all the tiny yachts and sail boats. The seagulls soaring around over head. And the smell of the ocean.
This is how you do camping, yes otherwise known as Glamping. It’s practically luxury.. Luxury wrapped in 4 walls of canvas. The sand, sea smells, moonlit walks on the beach at 1am.

Bacon and eggs cooked under the trees, delicious hot and sweetly smelling mixed with the scent of pine cones and damp earth.  Followed by a cheeky magpie looking for food tit bits.
Wineries you know will be good, when you drive up and smell sweet fermented grapes.  Walk in past barrels of Pino Gris… I tasted, appreciated and snaffled me a bottle!
Nothing beats mood lighting for Tarot cards like this.. candles, sea breeze.  Mmmm so delicious.
All that white sand and seaweed.  
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Witchy Queer: The day I made a friend cry and realise this is more powerful than me!

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I like to be a little magical, a Witchy Queer… and I don’t care if this all sounds a little like fairy tales and bull-shit.  To me it’s a special gift and a sense of self awareness that not everyone is blessed with.

I’ve always known, and had the oddest people tell me they can feel my energy or that I’ve clairvoyant talents.  However to me it’s more than that.  It all stems from a belief system.  I’d like to share with you mine and how I’ve rationalised it to satisfy my sense of needing balance of mysticism and reality.

Fate or Destiny?
I believe that you can control your future, you can change or influence your life path.  Otherwise look at me, I was born to be a housewife, in a good christian family, have 3.5 kids a husband and a picket fence.  Or at least that’s the dream for me my parents had and they, bless their hearts did every thing they could to give me the best start on that path. Obviously this post is a sign that didn’t happen..

So if I believe that you are the owner of your life, your future then how does that tie in with clairvoyant things, magical life and tarot?  To me this they are all a thought prompt, a indicator to be mindful around a certain thing, situation or thought.  More often than not it’s the kick in the nuts that your sub-conscious needs.  Going on the thought process that not everyone is as in tune with their intuition this is very useful.   Sometimes with a touch of magic…

After a beautiful day out in the gorgeous Melbourne sun, after another gorgeous festival day my friend and I went for a lovely dinner then off to Luna Park for one quick round on the funniest Ghost Train I’ve ever been on in my life.  Hilarious!

The ghost train ride got us talking about Tarot cards.. and having had a set myself now for a couple of years, and getting more in tune, and better at reading, spreads and helping my friends with the meanings of their cards, I suggest I’d be happy to do a reading for her.    Back at my house, candles burning, the most delicious Godess incense burning we were ready to go.

I love creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxing and getting in tune with your self, getting your head straight and loosing all distractions…  My room is perfect, candles, a light breeze from the open door onto my deck.  Outside the solar rainbow mini lights are all lit up, the scents from the candles is sweet and there are so many the room actually warms up the cool night air just a touch.  I have a couple of incense sticks alight and the mood is perfect.  I set up my cards in front of a gorgeous painting of my three eye’d all seeing pink watermellon godess.  She’s beautiful.  I organise the crystals, I really don’t have enough I realised at the time, all pointing to the middle to channel energy.  
I’ve always been pretty on point when doing readings for people but this time was so much more, I really didn’t expect to feel overwhelmed and the energy was so intense.  I’ve never had someone cry.  It was both beautiful, scary and intense all at once.  You realise with these things you’re not just talking flippantly about things, it’s so much more and deeper.  Life, like big decisions, love, hearts… this is the real slide of magic.  In this case Tarot cards that couldn’t have been any more perfect for what she had going on..  Trippy.  
I think readings need aftercare, just the same way intense and emotional sexual experiences do.   That safety, grounding, bringing back into reality after an experience.   Hugs, a card covered in wax and glitter that has the cards that we pulled all written out.  A drink or for the smokers a ciggie… all things to calm the heart and allow the brain to absorb the thoughts..   Like sex it’s another expression of vulnerability in this case definatley both sides – that so many people are afraid of.    I was in awe, and then super exhausted.
And so, in conclusion, MAGIC.  Also, this shit is powerful.
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Review: Marysville Salmon & Trout ponds

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Nestled on the slopes of Mount Gordon, Marysville Trout and Salmon Ponds was first developed in the early 1980’s. It lay dormant for many years until it reopened to the public in December 2003. 
The ponds are fed by spring water flowing from the surrounding mountain forests. The water is pure and crystal clear, no farm or fertilizer run-off, and no human or chemical contamination and fish are bred to feed and up keep the farm’s stock. The water flows by gravity through aqueducts that wonder up the valley floor.The ponds have been nurtured to form a natural ecosystem and habitat for the fish with reedy banks, overhanging trees and gently flowing waterfalls.  
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A dog friendly park it was a perfect choice for us to get out of town, a group of friends (and one hyper puppy) and have a blast out of the big city. A pleasant hour and forty minutes drive through forest, trees, bush. The air smells beautifully fresh, some trees show older scars of past bush-fires in the area. After coming out of the windy roads we reached a short stony drive.  
Inside, the hill sports five or six ponds, Each with different sized fish and difficulty of the catch. The ponds have become a habitat for many aquatic animals including, nymphs, mud eyes, frogs which croaked loudly next to us as we fished and worms. During spring and summer the fish feast on the many flying insects that land on the water.The ponds were surrounded by tall peppermint, stringy bark and messmate eucalyptus  sliver and Blackwood wattles, native grasses and a many varieties of ferns including the majestic tree fern and are slowly recovering to their former glory since the February 2009 bush-fires tho the scars remain. 
The fishing ponds have been lightly stocked with rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon and range in size from 500 g up to 6 kg (the big ones are hard to catch – very sneaky fish). It can take some time to catch a fish although I caught My first within the first half an hour we were there.  Over the next two hours we moved around the ponds. Finding spaces between reeds to cast off and watch the air bubbles circle the float. Each time one went under there would be a shreek of excitement. a short, not always successful fight later, a rainbow trout would be netted and plopped into a waiting bucket of water.  
For the several families there they also have ponds where little kids of those in a rush can catch a trout in very quick time. Picnic tables, small shelters or cabin decks and gas barbecues are scattered around the ponds so you can have an enjoyable picnic and cook your fresh rainbow trout or salmon. It is a great place to learn how to fish or hone up on your fishing skills, have picnic lunch or a romantic twilight dinner.  
They are open 7 days a week from 10 am until sunset including all public holidays & school holidays, and Christmas day & good friday and for the week stomached they will gut and season your fish or prep it in an ice filled chilli-bin (eski).  Once we got ours home it was straight in the oven to grill with our of the smaller of our catch. A dash of lemon juice and absolutely nothing can beat the taste of super freshly caught fish! Soft, sweet, juicy and succulent!
NOM Nom soooo delicious!!
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New Year Resolution: Miss Ink Pageant Auckland

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I’ve never ever entered a beauty pageant of any kind before 2013.  Previously the idea scared the bejeezus out of me! However I’ve made a New Year’s resolution for this year to do things out side my comfort zone. Things that scare me a little. To push beyond what I’m used too!  This is my quote for this year.

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 SOOO…. what happened?  When I was in Batangas, Philippines one evening feeling restless from too much food and not enough exercise or veggies I got bored and jumped on facebook.  Fortunately a link to the Miss Ink pageant had been reposted by someone.  Thinking about it from a performance perspective I decided to contact them regarding performing.  One thing led to another and suddenly I was entered.  It was the last day for registrations and I had 20 minutes to write two bio’s one personal and one about my ink before rushing out the door to head off to Laguna’s giant theme park – Enchanted Kingdom.

Arriving back in New Zealand late on a Friday night, attending a couple of really close friends Civil Union on the Saturday and then Sunday I panicked. All my luggage was still packed up, and suddenly I had to get a casual out-fit, a swim-wear out-fit that I wouldn’t feel self conscious in and an evening gown all organised.  Conveniently I had the evening gown all sorted!  I’d found a gorgeous dress in Manila and couldn’t wait to wear it.  I had umm’d and ahhh’d about buying it, but couldn’t get it out of my head after a week so it made its way into my suitcase!

The pageant it self made me super nervous. Now you might be thinking “What-ever!!”  Well, I still get nervous performing too, but this was different in the way it was not a choreographed piece and there wasn’t any music like there is with dancing to focus on.  Trying to forget this and stare directly into the bright lights, I just went for it, deciding not to take my self seriously at all and be totally cheeky! 
Casual out-fit: glittery cow boy hat and cap-guns!

Bring on the rest of 2013!  I’m off to the Miss Ink New Zealand Finals in Christchurch in June along with the 1nd, 2nd runners up and wild card winners. I’ve got BIG plans for more ink before then and a billion other adventurous plans too boot.  ITS SO DAMN EXCITING!!

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